Blossom Nursery is Now Open in Abu Dhabi |

Blossom Nursery Now Open in Abu Dhabi

Babilou Family Group has officially opened their first Blossom flagship nursery in Abu Dhabi in September 2019, the very first one to a long success story in Abu Dhabi for the Group

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15 October 2019

Last updated on 17 October 2019
Blossom Nursery Now Open in Abu Dhabi

Babilou Family remains today one of the leaders and experts in education for the 0-6 years segment, putting the child first.

Looking back at the Babilou Group’s journey, it all started in France in 2003 when 2 brothers; Rodolphe and Edouard Carle founded Babilou Group with one key mission to “build a better world thanks to education” and a core company culture “Together we grow” ensuring happiness at all levels: Happy Children, Happy Parents, Happy Employees! Today the group is present in 12 countries including Germany, Singapore and the US and owns more than 650 nurseries, welcoming 30,000+ children on a daily basis.

In the Middle East, Babilou Family started its journey in 2014 by launching its core french brand Babilou with 3 nurseries in Dubai. Babilou brand’s full educational mission is to place the child at the centre with 3 key developmental aims: self-confidence and self-esteem, languages, strong basic learnings and forming positive relationships with an openness to the world.

In order to be closer to each family’s needs and expectations, about 10 years ago, the Group acquired one of the most established and trusted nursery providers in Dubai: Blossom. A brand that had the same vision and values as the group, simply founded on the triple P principles (people, planet, prosperity). Blossom is following a modern British Curriculum based on the EYFS framework, setting strong educational standards to all their nurseries.

As they consider each child being unique, they provide the most suitable environment for their learning and development. The focus is not only on the child’s academic but also teaching long term everyday life skills aimed to foster their independence and social development. Since every child develops at his/her own pace, it is important to have an even fuller understanding of the child’s holistic learning and thus Blossom curriculum is blending with the best practices from other approaches, such as Reggio Emilia, Emmi Pikler and Maria Montessori.

Both Blossom and Babilou nurseries strongly believe in the importance of exposing children to foreign languages, especially here in the UAE. Seeing that the majority of their families are expats, they ensure to provide opportunities for learning other languages and cultures. In addition to this, research reveals children proficient in other languages also show signs of enhanced creativity and mental flexibility. Therefore, Blossom and Babilou nurseries offer a trilingual program: English, Arabic and French, through a modernised, interactive approach led by native teachers to provide the best education opportunities for children.

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Blossom Nursery is Now in Abu Dhabi

Since June 2019, the Group decided to support working parents even further and kicked off their own kitchen offering a healthy food program, home-made with love and care to all their little ones.

All of this could not happen without a stimulating and safe environment in which every child will blossom by ensuring every child’s emotional security. Therefore, each classroom and each activity are built according to the child’s age, according to the latest outcomes from neurosciences to make sure they offer the optimum experience to the little ones based on their brain development stage. Very important attention is taken at nursery level, by bringing the maximum natural light, using noble material respecting the environment in all classrooms as well as having an outstanding outside space with natural garden, plants, also water features that are safe and child friendly. While each nursery is part of a Group, they are above all very unique and tailored made to their communities and family needs.

Babilou Group didn’t stop here and decided to ask Seashells nursery to join the family: a brand with a very strong community feeling, offering premium quality education (EYFS) and in perfect proximity to Al Barsha residents. Seashells nursery was founded on the simple principle that each child is unique in their own way just like Seashells. Children are treasures and deserve special attention and care in every aspect of their lives.

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Today, as Blossom, Babilou and Seashells nurseries have gained the trust of more than 1100 families in Dubai and are growing rapidly every day, it is natural that the Group was looking at Abu Dhabi, the second biggest Emirate.

This new nursery is located in the heart of Zayed City, close to 2 prestigious schools, the British International School and Abu Dhabi University with which they have strong partnerships to offer their families and employees a unique experience at Blossom for their little ones. Blossom Zayed City is purposely built and has an incredible modern, eco-friendly look and feel as well as Blossom’s largest outdoor area; featuring a large sandpit, swings, obstacle course and water play tables. They can welcome up to 100 children from 8 weeks to 4 years old and have a plan to extend till 6 years old very soon.

To celebrate this newest baby of the family, the leaders of the Babilou Family Group, Xavier Global CEO, Damien Chief Finance Officer, Benoit VP Digital, visited from France, only for 24 hours, in order to be present during this very unique event for the Group. While the guitarist played touching music in the background, they had the pleasure to say thank you and celebrate with all their partners, the nursery team as well as head office members in the Middle East until late that night. Blossom Zayed City finally closed its door with a lovely family vibe and reopened the day after to welcome each child to their second home.

Now with 12 locations across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Blossom and Babilou nurseries offer perfect proximity either to a family’s home or work. Each nursery has been built and rebuilt on the promise of a safe, stimulating and green environment and each member of their team strongly believes when children feel safe, secure and happy they feel at home and will grow together. Blossom for example is often referred to as #BlossomMyHome. Knowing that the majority of residents in the UAE are expats, creating a home away from home was a dream come true and all our teams and families are thrilled to see this family growing year after year.

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Stay tuned this is just the beginning!

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Blossom and Babilou Nurseries follow the Modern British Curriculum EYFS, the program is designed in a way to help children boost their self-confidence as children are guided to learn through experience and play. All activities contribute to one of the below areas of development:Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Speech and Language Development, Fine Motor Skill Development and Gross Motor Skill Development.

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