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This Abu Dhabi Nursery is Expanding to Al Ain

Bright Kids Nursery provides safe and quality childcare services

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26 January 2020

Last updated on 5 February 2020

A leading 21st Century learning nursery in Abu Dhabi is expanding...

Providing safe and quality childcare services for age groups 0 to 4 years old, Bright Kids Nursery in Abu Dhabi continues to improve and expand with the opening of Bright Kids Nursery in Al Sarouj, Al Ain.

This newest branch features spacious classrooms, a well-equipped play area, a coding lab, infrastructure and facilities designed to prioritise the children's safety and security.

With seven branches in Abu Dhabi in Al Najda, Al Manaseer, Bain Al Jesrain, Al Muroor, Khalifa City A, Al Najda 2 and Mohammed Bin Zayed City and one in Sharjah, Bright Kids Nursery plans to open more branches across the UAE soon.

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The chain is the only nursery shortlisted for two prestigious GESS Education Awards in 2020 - "Ambassador for the Environment" and "Best Use of Digital Learning in the Classroom" for Coding @ 2, the nursery's age-appropriate coding programme.

At Bright Kids Nursery, they believe that students can develop early coding concepts with almost no screen time, and their team encourages children to become active rather than passive users of technology. In association with LEGO for Education, the nursery has designed super fun ways of coding through their Coding @ 2 programme, in which they have curated and tested numerous coding resources from across the world to find age-appropriate resources that provide the best learning outcomes.

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Most of the activities in the curriculum are "unplugged activities", which means that students build and develop problem-solving, thinking and logical reasoning skills without using a screen.

The GESS Education Awards aim to encourage the enhancement of educational services and product standards throughout the industry. GESS highlights and rewards the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services, and people, and recognises the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession.

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Bright Kids Nursery’s core curriculum is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) approach in Montessori settings while incorporating 21st-century Arabic Islamic learning. The Nursery has currently five branches based in Abu Dhabi catering to age group 0-4 years old.

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