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4 Ways to Make Your Conception Journey More Positive

Learn how making positive changes in your life can help you conceive. Believe and you will achieve!

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18 January 2018

Last updated on 19 February 2018
4 Ways to Make Your Conception Journey More Positive

Are you planning to get pregnant while living in Abu Dhabi? We understand that making a baby is not easy and for some it can take longer than others even if we are all used to having things in a split second, and thus waiting can be a touch of disappointment. The fortnightly wait can be overwhelming now and again, and plenty of women spend it by staying and feeling hopeful and looking for signs of possible pregnancy. There are chances that you may feel disappointed, bitter and angry with each period.

Stress has a way of influencing women’s infertility in a negative way. Also, unfortunately, stress increases when we try to overthink things, creating a cycle of stress that is difficult to break. Positive thinking plays an important role in this aspect. Here are a few tips that can help you stay positive on your conception journey:

Say NO to Negativity

Both positive and negative thinking can have a major impact on all aspects of your life. If you perceive things in a negative manner then you will definitely attract only negativity around you. If you have faced a negative pregnancy test, which means that this month it didn’t happen for you but it doesn’t mean it will never happen. You need to stop taking this as a failure and try to consider it as a part of a long journey. If you aren’t getting pregnant right away, then it’s good to know that you are not alone! It can take time, even when it comes to the healthiest of couples.

We need to accept the fact that each couple has their own conception journey that they have to take and taking longer to get pregnant does not mean that you are failing. Keep thinking positively and gradually you will realize that you are starting to feel more positive about the whole matter. You need to surround yourself with people who are willing to listen to you and your journey and have a more positive approach and avoid discussing with people who steer you in the negative direction.

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Appreciate the process

Desperately waiting for your period day is not healthy, peeing on pregnancy sticks is not fun and seeing a negative pregnancy test is extremely awful. In any case, that is not what striving for a baby means. Take this as an ideal opportunity to organize and appreciate sex.

Refrain from focusing on lets-make-a-baby-sex, which we all know that is only fun for the first few times. You need to overlook the end game and enjoy the moment you are in. Don’t be afraid to take a break once in a while, especially if it is taking you longer to conceive. It is also important to relax, stay calm and enjoy each other’s company.

Appreciate the process

Be a Busy Bee

Your conception mission can be a fun, crazy, ride, filled with high expectations, dissatisfactions, and maddening stretches of waiting. Take this as an opportunity to be additionally pleasant to yourself and your partner. Especially when that ‘month-to-month guest’ has recently shown up.

Don’t be shy in treating yourself; be it be a hair trim, an indulgent desert, or a back rub. Take yourselves out on dinner and the most amazing blockbuster you can discover. This can also act as an ideal time to book that outing that you have been putting on hold for months, regardless of your financial budget; you can always visit friends or go on a weekend getaway to a wonderful outdoor location.

The point is that you should spoil yourselves – you have definitely earned it. Keeping yourself busy will keep your mind distracted from thinking about whether you are pregnant or not and may leave you feeling a bit more positive about the whole situation.

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Find yourself a support group

We understand that discussing about trying to conceive can be a little overwhelming and difficult especially when couples around seem to falling pregnancy. If you wish to speak to women who understand your situation and can empathize with you then look for online support groups. A recent study has indicated that couples who have looked for support have improved fertility rates so sharing your story and your pain with support groups can turn out to be quite comforting.

There is a saying that goes “I set my worries aside and allow my body to do its job” and here’s us hoping that you follow the statement above and start this year on a positive note.

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