The Future of Private Healthcare in Abu Dhabi |

The Future of Private Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

As Mediclinic enters Abu Dhabi following the merger with Al Noor, it ensures an exciting and positive future for healthcare.

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15 December 2016

Last updated on 30 January 2018
The Future of Private Healthcare in Abu Dhabi
Al Noor Hospitals Group was a familiar name to many, if not all, Abu Dhabi residents.  For more than 30 years, Al Noor served the people of Abu Dhabi with high-quality healthcare services as it grew into Abu Dhabi’s largest private healthcare company.
In February 2016, Al Noor merged with Mediclinic International, one of the world’s largest private hospital groups with a significant presence in Southern Africa, and Switzerland, a 29.9% interest in Spire Healthcare in the UK and its own operations in the UAE, predominantly in Dubai.  In April 2017, the process of rebranding all Al Noor units to Mediclinic began.
Combined with Al Noor, Mediclinic’s UAE arm, Mediclinic Middle East, has become one of the largest private healthcare providers in the country with six hospitals including Mediclinic City Hospital and Mediclinic Welcare Hospital in Dubai, Mediclinic Airport Road Hospital (formerly Al Noor Hospital - Airport Road Branch), Mediclinic Al Noor Hospital (formerly Al Noor Hospital - Khalifa Street Branch) in Abu Dhabi, as well as Mediclinic Al Ain Hospital (formerly Al Noor Hospital – Al Ain branch) and Mediclinic Al Jowhara Hospital (formerly Al Noor Hospital – Al Jowhara) in Al Ain.  Its network of outpatient and day surgery clinics also provides a vast range of outpatient services to patients in over 20 convenient locations.

The Future of Private Healthcare in Abu Dhabi

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As Mediclinic enters Abu Dhabi following the merger with Al Noor, it ensures an exciting and positive future for private healthcare patients in the capital.  We would like to introduce you to the company and its ethos, and assure you of our commitment to build on the foundations of excellence laid by Al Noor Hospital Group over the past three decades:
  • Mediclinic’s vision is to be respected internationally and preferred locally. We can offer the security and peace of mind of an established global healthcare group, with a precise focus on the requirements and preferences of our patients in Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.
  • Mediclinic provides international-standard healthcare, with quality and patient safety at the heart of its operations. All original Mediclinic Middle East facilities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Al Ain are accredited by the Joint Commission International, as are the current Al Noor Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain (except newly-opened Al Jowhara Hospital).  All remaining facilities are working towards accreditation in the near future.
  • Mediclinic is committed to the practice of transparent, ethical healthcare. As a trusted partner of healthcare authorities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the Northern Emirates, we support them in their efforts to drive down the cost of private medical insurance for all UAE residents and do not condone the use of any form of over-prescription or over-servicing within any of our facilities. If you have any cause for concern, contact our ethics helpline (run independently by KPMG) on 800 1 55000.
  • Mediclinic is dedicated to the long-term development of specialist healthcare services for the people of Abu Dhabi. With an overall value of more than $2.2 billion, Mediclinic’s merger with Al Noor is a clear indication of its commitment to the Abu Dhabi region.  Several projects have already been instigated since the merger was finalised in February, with more details to be announced soon.
If you would like to make an appointment at any Mediclinic/Al Noor Hospitals facility in Abu Dhabi, please contact our call centre on 800 26422.
For more information on Mediclinic Middle East, please visit our website

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