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Dr. Alaa Eldeen Abdel Hameed

Dr. Alaa Eldeen Abdel Hameed

Dr. Alaa has extensive clinical experience as a Specialist General Surgeon

General Surgery

Dr. Alaa graduated in 1982 from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. He started his training as a surgical resident in Cairo University Hospital and completed his masters degree in general surgery in 1987. He was chosen as a member of the academic teaching staff of Cairo University as a Lecturer of Surgery.

In 1994 he passed his MD examination and became a lecturer, and in 2004 he became an Affiliate Professor of Surgery after performing and publishing more than 15 scientific and clinical papers. Before joining Mediclinic Welcare Hospital in 2005, he was the acting head of the general surgery department in Cairo University Hospital. His expertise extends for more than 25 years including nine years in the UAE Ministry of Health.


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