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4 Essential Tips and Tricks to help you Play an Easy Guitar

Taking guitar lessons or learning how to play on your own can be confusing for beginners

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26 July 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Guitar Lessons in Dubai | Melodica Music and Dance Institute

Learning how to play a guitar, either taking guitar lessons with a tutor or learning on your own is tricky business. From the technique to the chords, it can take substantial amount of time to get it right.

Melodica Music and Dance Institute in Dubai have listed a few tips and tricks for you, which help you, learn how to play an easy guitar all on your own.

1. Start with Easy Chords

Firstly to learn how to play an easy guitar, you’ll need to find some easy chords that fit your style, find some songs that you’d like to play and practice on them until you have perfected them. And after you have completed all these you can start making music.

Initially learning how to play 10 chords would be sufficient to make and play a variety of songs. Additionally, if you start learning and practicing on chords, you’ll have a better understanding of the songs that you want to play and will develop a lot of dexterity and resistance and solidify your technique.

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2. Find Easy Songs to Play

One more important tip is to find good, yet easy songs to play. Some songs which have a few simple chords at the base are Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”, Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” or Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”. Or choose any song that you feel you’ll be able to grasp easily.

Guitar Lessons in Dubai | Melodica Music and Dance Institute

3. Take it Easy on Yourself

If you find yourself being stuck somewhere, relax and improvise and work to the best of your abilities. Music’s job is to entertain people so go ahead and fake the song you’d like to play. Take the song, buzz the chords, try not to play out of tune and just have fun with it.

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4. Practical Vs Theory

Try focusing more practical learning than theory. Taking guitar lessons through practical learning are a great way to learn. Learn the tricks to play the guitar and the chords before you dive into the learning theory. Taking too much on your plate, means you won’t be able to focus on one aspect of guitar playing.

Hopefully these tips will help you learn how to play an easy guitar. Melodica Guitar Lessons offer a great course and curriculum for anyone who’d like to learn, from kids to adults.

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