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6 Essential Reasons to Start Playing The Ukulele

Learn and play ukulele; a fun and entertaining musical instrument

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25 November 2018

Last updated on 27 November 2018
6 Essentials Reason to Starting Playing Ukulele

Ukulele can be considered as one of the most fun and joyful musical instruments.

Due to its happy and warm tone, ukulele has made a comeback in the recent years. Famous artists like Grace VanderWaal or Ingrid Michaelson have also resorted to using it in their music.

If you’re a guitar player looking to add some variety or someone who is new to learning music, ukulele lessons are a great choice.

Here are 6 reasons to take up ukulele classes:

1. Easy to Learn

As compared to other stringed instruments ukulele is an easier option to learn. It has soft nylon strings that is easy to grip for the fingers and don’t create painful moments as the guitar. The smaller size of the musical instrument places lesser tension on your wrists and the notes are easily reachable without stretching.

2. It’s an affordable option

Purchasing a ukulele is an easier option for your wallet. A good ukulele option can be purchased for around $100 and in various body sizes, which will fit your needs and budget.

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3. Fun and Entertaining

Ukulele has to be one of the most enjoyable social instruments and can be played by experienced or non-experienced musicians. It has a happy and joyful tone is a delight for everyone to play and enjoy.

4. It’s easy to adopt songs to the Ukulele

Most popular songs can easily be played on the ukulele and in a variety of various genres. Due to the instruments four strings most complex chords can be paired down to the ukulele.

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5. Guitar Knowledge Easily Translates to Ukulele

Musicians who can play guitars can switch back and forth between the uke with quick ease. All the notes and chord shapes that one learns on the guitar can be applied on the ukulele, they only go by different names.

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