Essential Tips to Use with Your Flute Lessons |

Essential Tips to Use with Your Flute Lessons

Flute lessons can be a lifelong learning experience if studied in the right manner

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1 November 2018

Last updated on 4 November 2018
Essential Tips to Use with Your Flute Lessons in Dubai

Studying flute has a multitude of lifetime benefits but bad habits and incorrect playing style can adversely affect one’s progress and the overall enjoyment of the instrument.

If you are new to playing flute or haven’t played for years, here are some important things that you need to keep in mind when taking flute lessons. From taking care of your instrument to thoroughly understanding flute assembly, we have devised a list of tips for new or inexperienced flute players that will come in handy as you embark on your musical journey.

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Be Patient

As your fingers begin to find a familiar rhythm on the flute, don’t rush into moving to a second less familiar note from the first one. After mastering the first two notes, include practicing on an extra note. And once you’re comfortable on the first 3 notes, move on to the fourth one.

Most beginner flute players rush into learning flute as a whole as opposed to learning it note by note. Whatever way you to choose study the flute, be patient and start slow.

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Hold the Flute Correctly

Some people might find holding the flute a bit awkward. In fact, almost all beginners might find it hard to hold the flute properly. For beginners it’s crucial to learn the proper posture and position.

Children need to work harder in maintaining the proper position of the flute due to their small hands. Don’t just rely on books or online videos to learn the flute. Taking flute classes from an expert flute teacher is highly recommended.

One’s posture while playing the flute should be of sitting or standing in an upright position with your chin raised and eyes looking straight ahead. Or if you’re using a music stand, it’s preferable to keep it at an eye level.

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Test Your Instrument

In order to save money, some people tend to practice on used flutes. Whilst being a good way to save money, used flutes are usually in dire need of repair and may not produce a good sound on the flute.

To find out the condition of your flute, get your flute tested from professional player. During the test, the flute teacher will play all kinds of notes and be able to distinguish how the quality of the flute.

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What Will I Be Learning During Lessons

As opposed to a guitar or piano, playing the flute doesn’t come easily to most. Hence, flute not being the easiest to learn on their own. Taking flute lessons from an expert will teach you everything from the posture, to correct notes and to proper breathing.

Whether you decide on taking group or private lessons is entirely up to you. Take flute lessons at one of the best music schools in Dubai.

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