Here’s Why You Should Take Saxophone Lessons in Dubai |

Here’s Why You Should Take Saxophone Lessons in Dubai

Music experts at Melodica talk about why saxophone lessons are an easy choice for beginners

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15 November 2018

Last updated on 19 November 2018
Here’s Why You Should Take Saxophone Lessons in Dubai

Belgian instrument maker, Adolphe Sax, was the first person to create the saxophone in 1843. The saxophone was initially created to be played in military bands but has since become a regular part of Jazz and other popular music bands today.

The saxophone also commonly known as sax, produces a cool yet sexy sound which is very distinctive in nature. The sax is an easy instrument to learn, especially for anyone over the age of 12 looking to take up a new musical instrument as it doesn’t require intensive musical knowledge.

Originally saxophones only had the range of two octaves but today saxophone’s range has reached about two and a half octaves. However with expert playing techniques higher notes can be accomplished. Modern saxophones also boast a better designed key mechanism which makes them easier to play.

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How to Get Started

It’s always advisable to begin with learning the alto saxophone. Some music experts might also suggest to begin with soprano but it’s recommended that one starts with a tenor or baritone sax. The transition will be easier.

It’s good to remember that saxophone is one of the easier instruments to start playing, as it doesn’t require a lot of effort from your end.

One of the requirements to play the saxophone is to have ample upper body arm strength, so that one can support the instrument with ease. There are no small instruments designed especially for beginners, however the little soprano sax is rather easier to use.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Start with having good resource material on hand that gives you insight into using your fingers properly, scales, exercises that help you develop a good embouchure.

Learning to play the sax on your own will require for you spend hours in regular practice. Honing your skills and starting to play like a pro will come with plenty of discipline and determination.

It’s also highly recommended that you find yourself a great music teacher that will able to guide you through saxophone classes.

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Using the Right Equipment

Investing in a good saxophone will give you a head start in your musical journey, always remember that settling for cheaper equipment may come in the way of your learning and may not benefit you in the long-run.

It’s always good to remember that buying the right instrument is an investment and not a cost. Other essential equipment to also purchase is:

  • A durable case
  • A solid stand
  • A neck-strap
  • Cork Grease
  • A swab to clean the inside
  • Sheet Music

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