How to Choose the Best Music School in Dubai |

How to Choose the Best Music School in Dubai

Melodica Music Institute in Dubai talks about what factors to consider when choosing a music school. Read on to find out more

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15 August 2018

Last updated on 6 January 2019
How to Choose the Best Music School in Dubai

When choosing a good music school for yourself or for your kids, one has to consider a lot of things.

The first thing to look for is having a good teacher that will help hone the student’s talent and put them on the right path to success. Choosing the right teacher should not just be based on convenience, in fact a teacher’s qualifications, background and other student’s experience should always be taken into consideration.

Here's how you can choose the best music school in Dubai:

The Fee Structure of the Music School

The cost of music institutions in Dubai is a priority. How you plan on paying the school fees is going one of the major concerns for you. The number of students that are enrolled in the music institute counts for its quality. A small student population means that there are going to be less and less chances for one-to-one classes. Thus making it difficult for the student to gain learning experience.

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How to Choose the Best Music School in Dubai

Obtaining Hands on Experience

Another way to assess the value of a music school is its proximity to an orchestra or concert venues. Getting to practice live in a music venue has a positive effect on your resume and career and gives you added experience and confidence in conducting yourself in a public space.

Be sure to check out the music school’s practice rooms and check their availability. Other facilities to check are their performance spaces, lockers and instrumental storage spaces, parking and accessibility from the metro or other public transportation.

And lastly the best sources of information are the current and ex-students. Be sure to learn about their experience from them.

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