Music Classes in Dubai: Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano |

Music Classes in Dubai: Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

Here are 8 ways in which playing the piano can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

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25 March 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Music Classes in Dubai: Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

As humans we are constantly searching for ways to enrich and improve our daily lives, we often forget that certain things that we cherish most are the ones that enrich us both mentally and physically.

For example, based on scientific research it has been proven that playing a musical instrument, piano classes in Dubai and world over, not only enhances your skill but also contributes towards your health and mental well being.

Here are 8 benefits of playing the piano, which will make you want to book piano classes in Dubai right away.

1. A Stress Reliever

It is a known and common fact that piano soothes your soul, but what most people don’t know is that it works as a stress buster also. Even you set aside some time to play the piano; it can lower your blood pressure and have a positive impact on you. In fact, being part of piano recitals or playing in front of a small audience can scare stage fright right out of you.

2. Improves Split Concentration

Playing the piano requires using both your hands, which are meant to be doing different things, and this technique can be a bit difficult to deal with initially. With time, the art of split concentration will become a vital part.

And learning this technique, it will help you in coordinating your eyes and hands while playing and sharpen your concentration skills.

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3. Works in Stimulating Your Brain and Improving Neural Connections

Scientific research states that no other activity stimulates the brain the way music does. Hence, playing a musical instrument like the piano adds new neural connections and develops higher tiers in one’s brain. And such improved neural connections benefit your ability to concentrate.

4. Strengthens the Muscles of Your Hands

Using the correct hand position and maintaining the correct hand posture whilst playing the piano can strengthen your hand muscles. Even with time and age, your hands will have stronger muscles relatively compared to others.

Playing the piano from an early age also carries the benefit of developing agility amongst children as well.

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Music Classes in Dubai: Top 8 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

5. Language Skills are improved

The hearing awareness that is required when you play the piano helps you in understanding the sound patterns of foreign languages. Playing the piano can work wonders for kids who have trouble hearing in a particularly loud background and can further help them fight dyslexia while it is still developing.

6. Improves Your Classroom Skills including Vocabulary

Learning to play the piano increases the vocabulary and verbal sequencing skills of students. Kids who study music generally are more exposed to a higher volume of words than kids who don’t.

All these factors combined lead to an overall elevated performance in the classroom.

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7. Stimulates the Growth Hormones

The Human Growth Hormone or otherwise known as HGH is known to have elevated growth in children who take piano lessons. This growth hormone helps keep a person active and prevents issues like body pain in the old age.

Studies have shown that students who take piano lessons have higher levels of human growth hormones than people who don’t.

8. Prepares Children to Accept Criticism Gracefully

Children who take piano classes get on-going feedback and constructive criticism from their tutors. This prepares the children to accept any kind of feedback and criticism in a positive manner, which further helps them into becoming individuals with stronger and better mental health.

However, it is important to note that children who don’t take kindly to criticism can get depressed. Piano lessons prove to instill important values that become an integral part of a person for lifetime.

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