Top 4 Benefits of Taking Dance Classes in Dubai |

Top 4 Benefits of Taking Dance Classes in Dubai

Dancing is a great form of exercise that benefits you in more ways than one

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6 June 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Dance Classes in Dubai | Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Dancing has evolved over the years, it’s not just limited to a hobby or past-time but people actively use it as a method to stay fit and active. Not only does it prove as an outlet for self-expression but also as a competitive activity. There are many forms of dances out there, from ballroom to salsa to the now famous R&B.

To get started one can opt to be a part of a dance group, take dance classes or do it in the privacy of your home or a dance studio. As dancing now has become a popular fitness activity, most fitness centers in Dubai and worldwide offer different kinds of dance classes in the form of group exercises programs.

Here are the top 4 benefits of dance classes:

1. Dancing Boosts Your Physical Health

Regularly dancing helps improve your overall physical activity, even when you’re not dancing. Regardless of the form of dance that you take up, from ballet to ballroom, each plays an active role in improving your physical health. Dancing actively engages the muscles of the arms, legs, torso, back and even the facial muscles at times. Dancing further increases one’s endurance and stamina simultaneously.

Dancing is also a great form of cardio workout, which helps people lessen the risks of heart disease. It also results in increased flexibility and is also considered a good source of aerobics and motor fitness.

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2. Increased Confidence and Social Skills

Most dance classes are taken as part of a group, which helps one build confidence and boost their social skills. Initially taking classes for people can be a tad bit intimidating but with time your confidence will start growing from the experience. It may take a little time to go from nervous to confident, but once you begin to feel comfortable what you have learned, not only will you shine in your class but also in your personal life.

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Dance Classes in Dubai | Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

3. Dancing Reduces Anxiety

Endorphins are hormones that are released during exercise, and are known improve your mood instantly. Studies have revealed that people who dance as a hobby or as fitness exercises reap more benefits than those who hit the gym or simply run.

Dancing also helps people to adopt a calmer demeanor, improve one’s mood and have a better sense of control. These benefits especially help dancers who may be going through a hard time in their personal or professional lives. Not only does act as an out outlet of one’s emotions but also gets your hormones flowing.

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4. Dancing Decreases Stress

Activities like yoga or meditation are usually the first choices for stress release, but a study from the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine stated that dance might trump both these activities as a stress reliever.

Research has found that tango classes decreased stress levels in individuals more than meditation itself. In this particular study, dancing was associated with positive feelings, enhanced self-esteem and lowered anxiety levels.

These scientifically proven facts are testament that dancing is one of the greatest hobbies to pick up. You can either dance to lose weight, get fit or just have a good time with your friends. Dancing leaves everyone with a big smile on their faces!

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