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Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Melodica Music & Dance Institute is Dubai's top-rated training center in 2017 and one of the most elite and professional music and dance institutes.

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6 February 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Melodica Music and Dance Institute in Dubai was founded by pop star Afshin, with more than 500 concerts worldwide. Music is our life, our business and our passion. We specialize in teaching music and dance classes to children, adults, teachers and professionals.

We are proud to deliver high quality music and dance classes with our top music and dance instructors from different nationalities in the world including German, British, Chinese, American, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Polish, Serbian, Belarusian, Ukrainian, South African, Armenian and many more.

If you are serious and interested in music and dance classes in Dubai we are registered with major exam boards ABRSM, TRINITY & RAD Ballet. Make your dream come true, It’s never too late.


Our mission is to provide an excellent foundation in music instruction to music students in Dubai of all ages and levels. We help our music students into reaching their goals by offering high quality music and dance lessons in Dubai and by providing our music and dance students with public performance opportunities through Recitals, Concerts and Recordings in Dubai.


Melodica vision is to lead in delivering quality music and dance education to all ages in Dubai and to be a prominent contributor in giving back to the community.

Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Melodica Teachers

All Melodica teachers have university music education and performance level mastery of their instruments. A strong grounding in music theory, teaching methods, and large repertoire of teaching material is required of all teachers.

Our Lessons

Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Music Classes

Melodica's Music lessons are KHDA approved and designed for kids and adults with different levels. At Melodica Music School in Dubai you will learn how to play an instrument like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum, Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone or singing.

Typically, a student joining a music class at Melodica Music school meets a music teacher for one on one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length over a period of one month or one years. Learning at Melodica will constantly improve your skills. We are proud to be an exam center of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( ABRSM ) and TRINITY GUILDHALL college UK.

Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Dance Classes

We are offering a variety of dance classes for kids and adults in Dubai including Classical Ballet, Hip hop, Belly dancing, Salsa Dance, Yoga and Karate. Our dance membership program is very unique and you and your lovely child have unlimited access to all dance activities at our studio.

Our main focus is teaching classical RAD Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance). Our ballet classes are for children and moths from the age of 24 months, for young girsl from 3 to 15 years as well as for adults. Book your free trial class and join a dance class you like!

Book Trial Lesson

The best way to understand Melodica's approach towards Music Education is to book in to a Trial Lesson. This free introductory lesson allows you to meet our teachers and experience a class in action. The sessions are free of charge and without obligation, but bookings are essential as places fill up quickly. Please feel free and contact us for a trial class, it’s never too late.

Private - Lesson

Private lessons provide the most direct and personal approach to learning an instrument. From absolute beginners through to seasoned players, Private lessons support our students in their desired instrument and style, whilst still providing the full knowledge and input necessary to make you a complete player.

Group - Lesson

Melodica group classes are tons of fun. You will practice with students who have the same ambitions as you. Learning in a group format adds a social side to learning that does not exist in a private one-to-one consultation. Learning in a group format allows for ideas to bounce off from fellow students.

Students - Concerts

A student concert is organized each year either our Christmas concert or our end of year concert, which is held in June each year. It provides students with an opportunity to gain experience and confidence in performance. Students are encouraged to participate.

This goes to prove that all the participants will work hard in preparing for the concert, even though it meant missing out classes and staying after school. The big audience will support their fellow classmates, as they perform their wonderfully prepared acts. The musical concert is a fabulous way to end the school day, with laughter and joy.

Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

Exams and Certificate


We are an exam center of ABRSM and TRINITY GUILDHALL and whether you decide to go through the ABRSM, TRINITY or RAD Ballet curriculum both offer an internationally recognized certificate.

This can often help with university applications, as it is evidence of extra curriculum achievements. Whilst we encourage students to keep to the same teacher as much as possible we do understand life changes, and this can’t always be possible. If you are following a curriculum and have achieved levels, new teachers can easily pick up where the last one left off.


Bands & Chorus

Who knows the basics on their instrument can, essentially start playing in Melodica band – ideally with an experienced teacher who can offer guidance. Melodica Band Program is the place to learn this.

In this class, you practice songs with other Melodica students on a weekly basis, rehearsing them until you can take them to the concert stage. Once you hit that point, we will set you up with great gigs – your fans are already waiting!

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Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai

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    Welcome to Melodica Music & Dance Institute in Dubai
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