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What Differentiates Music Education from Music Therapy

Melodica Music and Dance Institute in Dubai shines light on the differences between Music Education and Music Therapy.

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15 April 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Music Education

A traditional music teacher provides musical knowledge and skills with a strong emphasis on developing performance abilities. A set standard curriculum is usually the focus of music education. Music classes consist of teachers who don’t have the required skill set or experience in training and educating special needs children.

According to American Music Therapy Association, research studies show that music educators often lack adequate training which is required to teach music to special needs children, and they also possess limited knowledge of effective strategies to fulfill those needs.

Special needs children can often find themselves attending traditional music education classes , which are usually taught in pre-set traditional methods with no regards to adapting to requirements of children of special needs.

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However, music therapy is highly adaptive to the different needs of children. The experience and training of music therapists helps them in recognizing every child’s various strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Music therapy effectively focuses on the growth of non-musical skills.

Musical activities are specifically designed to encourage cognitive, motor, perceptual, communication and behavioral goals that tackle a particular individual or group. An individual’s musical ‘talent’, ‘aptitude’, and/or ‘ability’ are not preconditions for progress.

Music is a powerful medium and often assists in developing a strong connection to children with special needs, as compared to other similar mediums. Music tends to have a trans-formative effect on anyone who tries to learn it. It is known to have a positive impact on one’s mood, which results in having a rich ground for development in many other areas.

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Based on recognized research, music therapy is validating its place as a disciplinary method of learning. As an outcome, music education teacher who are specialized in teaching special needs are realizing that traditional music learning settings are neither appropriate nor complete for special needs children. It doesn’t cover all their needs for a wholesome music education.

Lastly, the traditional music learning environment doesn’t possess the power as a strong platform to offer the potential that music therapists are known to deliver.

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