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What You Need to Know About Kids Dance Classes in Dubai

From ballet to hip hop, dancing has proven to have plenty of benefits for kids

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8 July 2018

Last updated on 24 October 2018
Kids Dance Classes in Dubai | Melodica Music and Dance Institute Dubai

Living in Dubai, parents come across plenty of after-school activities for their kids, from dance classes to sports. Whilst sports being the most common choice, parents are now opting to enroll their kids into dance classes, due to their multitude of benefits.

In this article we cover important things that you need to know about kids dance classes and dance schools in Dubai.

What are Kids Dance Classes?

Dance classes for kids are a good way for your child to stay active and have fun while doing so. Dance classes are a great way for children learn behavioral discipline as well as being beneficial to their health.

Classes for kids are available in many dance schools in Dubai. Dance schools in Dubai offer classes for kids in various dance forms such as ballet, salsa, hip hop many more.

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Kids Dance Classes in Dubai | Melodica Music and Dance Institute Dubai

What You Should Know Before You Enroll your Child

If you as a parent are hesitant about enrolling your kid in dance schools in Dubai, then here a few things that you need to know.

The below mentioned tips will help you choose the right dance school for your kid:

  • Check the dance studio for safety and security measures taken to ensure the well-being of your child
  • Check the size of the class. If the dance school keeps the students per class small, then it’s a good thing, as kids get the required attention whilst enjoying their dance classes. The ideal class size for students aged 3-9 years should be between 8 – 10 students per class
  • Staff at dance school should always be available to attend to parents calls or if any emergency occurs
  • Dance schools in Dubai or worldwide mostly do have an up-to-date website, hence any one of them being an ideal choice
  • Additionally, also check the dance schools flooring, concrete flooring or tiling is an ideal place for a dance studio, dance schools should always be equipped with a cushioned dance floor

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Benefits of Dance Classes for Kids

Dancing has many benefits for kids, from fitness, to developing good posture and balance to weight loss and building self-confidence.

Here are a few benefits that will show you why dancing is a great after-school activity for kids:

  • Dancing is a great way to keep your kids active and interested in fitness
  • Dancing improves your child’s social skills as it is an interactive activity and helps your child to build a good relationship with other kids
  • Dancing helps boost your child’s self-esteem, kids who start interactive with other kids in such a setting from an early go on to have increased confidence levels in their lives
  • Exercise of any form helps release happy hormones or endorphins in kids, which can positively affect your child’s wellbeing as a whole

If you’d like to enroll your kid into a dance school or ballet school in Dubai, please visit Melodica Music and Dance Institute today.

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