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Find Out Which Would Benefit Your Child the Most: Nanny or Nursery

Mothers in the UAE have a challenging dilemma when deciding which option to use for their children’s care – Nanny or Nursery

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16 September 2018

Last updated on 31 December 2018
Nursery in Dubai | Aga Khan Early Learning Centre

At Aga Khan Early Learning Centre (AKELC) we feel that children greatly benefit from a Nursery experience for a variety of reasons.

Let’s look at some considerations that may influence your decision on whether to use a Nanny or to enrol your child at AKELC.

Some questions you should ask yourself if you are considering a Nanny for childcare are:

  • Is my Nanny well educated and literate, and does she have the desired language skills for my child to model?
  • Does my Nanny have child care training, first aid and basic food hygiene training?
  • Does my Nanny have a good understanding of behaviour management or does she allow my child to do what he wants?
  • Has my Nanny passed a background check and police clearance? Has she given references?
  • Do I really know what my Nanny is doing with my child since she is unsupervised?
  • Do I trust my Nanny to protect my child from dangerous situations and is she trained in handling emergencies?
  • Will my Nanny give FULL time attention to my child or is she busy cooking, cleaning, or doing the laundry?
  • Does my Nanny read to my child, answer his/her questions and provide challenging educational experiences?
  • Is my Nanny using the television or iPad to occupy my child’s time?
  • Does my Nanny provide my child with lots of playtime with other children?
  • If my Nanny is sick or goes on holiday do I have backup child care, or do I have to take leave from work?

If you aren’t finding satisfaction in the answers to these questions and you don’t feel like your Nanny is able to meet your child’s social, educational and developmental needs then AKELC Nursery is the best choice for your family.

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So, what WILL your child gain from attending AKELC?

1. A high quality experience! Children’s language, cognitive, emotional and social development outcomes are all more advanced in a high-quality care setting where there is an optimum ratio of well-trained adults. AKELC is accredited through the U.K. National Day Nurseries Association and has achieved an Exemplary Status. AKELC is in good standing with Ministry regulations and are fully licensed with the Dubai Health Authority, Civil Defense and Ministry of Education.

2. AKELC provides well-educated and well-trained caregivers who are warm and responsive and provide a variety of rich, stimulating daily experiences in a safe and healthy environment. Staff are supervised and work in pairs to ensure a high level of child protection and safety.

3. AKELC provides a literacy and language rich environment to encourage your child’s speaking and listening skills. Children visit the Centre library daily and can even check out books to take home. Children gain skills in speaking and listening in English and Arabic as the Centre provides for a bilingual environment.

4. The Centre offers a wide variety of toys, books, music, math, science, field trips, cooking, games, play equipment, art materials, gym and outdoor time, pretend play, blocks and much more!

5. AKELC offers a variety of schedules, timings, and activities to meet parental needs. Extra afternoon programme classes such as soccer, dance and music and movement are held at the Nursery.

6. AKELC provides a safe and healthy environment with CCTV, low child to staff ratios, small group sizes, secure entrances, and full monitoring.

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7. AKELC provides developmental assessments, assistance for children with developmental delays and provides educational support for parents with parent-teacher meetings and parent mornings.

8. AKELC provides an opportunity for your child to gain social skills, build self-esteem and gain confidence through our programme and through interactions with their friends and teachers.

9. AKELC supports parents in assisting with the transition to big school and provides school readiness skills for their children.

10. AKELC Staff are trained in Pediatric First Aid and CPR, Food safety, Child Protection and Safeguarding, Risk Assessment and Emergency Preparedness plus training regarding curriculum, behavior management and many more topics!

The Early Years are a crucial stage in your child’s development. Enrolling your child at AKELC will help to lay the foundation for future success in big school, help their social interactions, build self-esteem and confidence and prepare them academically.

The question to ask yourself is, if I am using a Nanny to care for my child is he/she getting everything they need for a healthy, safe and educational start to life? Can your Nanny communicate with your child fluently and is she able to teach, protect, instruct and discipline while giving them full time and attention?

For many Parents, the answer will be ‘no’, which is why having your child at AKELC provides greater benefits than using a Nanny.

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