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Learning and Exploring Through Play

Experts at Best Kidz Nursery in Dubai shine light on the importance of learning through play

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8 August 2019

Last updated on 14 August 2019
Learning and Exploring Through Play

The well-designed Finnish curriculum at Best Kidz Nursery in Dubai is based on a framework which emphasises on a holistic approach, in that it comprises care, education and teaching…promoting children’s learning and well-being as well as their transversal competence.

In adopting this Curriculum, we have ensured that the children’s interests and needs are at the centre of any learning situation.

Pedagogical activities are carried out in an environment, which is rich in interaction between the educator and the child. Through the five core learning areas, the educators plan and implement versatile and integrative pedagogical activities together with the children.

These activities enable exploration of things and an examination of the occurrences or experiences that the children come across during these explorations.

Learning and Exploring Through Play

What is 'Play'?

It’s common knowledge that ‘Play’ is an important part of child’s early development. It’s a term used in education to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. It is through this play that children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

Learning and Exploring Through Play

Learning Zones

In our Nursery, the learning zones are planned around the five learning areas, where the intrinsic value of play and the pedagogical significance of play come together while planning the holistic growth and well-being of the child. Our learning environments not only promote play but also support participation, peer relationships and fosters friendships among the children.

Activities conducted individually and in small and large groups, promotes children’s interests and individual skills. It provides opportunities for children to participate in activities and interact, leading to problem solving, learning how to play with others through compromise, conflict resolution and sharing.

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Learning and Exploring Through Play

Generating Ideas through Play

By gathering information children develop new skills including thinking skills. They form ideas and concepts and test these out. These ideas are further refined through exploring their environment actively and through interacting and communicating in collaboration with the educator.

It’s a proven fact that physically active play promotes coordination, balance and motor skills in children. We ensure children’s motor skills are observed systematically as these exercises play a key role in their holistic development. Our environments are well designed to promote this spending of natural energy promoting good eating and sleeping habits resulting in a happy child.

Learning and Exploring Through Play
Best Kidz Nursery
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Best Kidz Nursery adopts best practices from Finland’s national core curriculum to nurture children’s overall health, holistic growth and personal well-being, promoting positive lifelong learning. We accept children from 1-4 years and are located within Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) accessible anywhere within the DIFC Gate Avenue.

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