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Attention Parents! This Summer Camp is Perfect for Little Ones

From music and movement to cognitive learning - this summer camp has everything

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15 April 2019

Last updated on 18 April 2019

We're barely halfway through the year, and we already have our minds on the summer break.

But with expatriate lifestyle comes the need to plan ahead; what exactly are you doing for summer this year? For those of you who are staying with little ones, we've found the perfect summer camp for them to enjoy.

Little ones from 8 weeks old up to 4 years old are invited to join Blossom Nursery this summer for their 'Body and Mind' camp, which will be focusing on the relation between the body and mind for children.

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Most parents can recall a time when they witnessed their child trying to kick a ball, but then totally miss - or seeing their child place the palm of their hands on their face, believing that they have become invisible.

It's this behaviour that has inspired the Blossom Team for their summer camp for 2019. In fact, the camp's entire theme has been inspired by studies that Neuroscience reveals - that the brain synapsis in the early years rapidly grow, and the more children are subjected to new experiences, the more skills they have AND the more successful they become in the future!

About Blossom Nursery's summer camp for 2019

So what's happening for 2019? Well, during this summer camp, kids will be given the opportunity to explore new settings, work on their cognitive thinking skills, learn through music and through numerous games that will work to optimise their special awareness.

That's not all - the camp will include spatial sports like baseball, gymnastics, art and music therapy, too!

But parents, we urge you to BE QUICK! As there are limited spaces available for this year's summer camp at Blossom Nursery, so book today or risk the chance of missing out.

Let's look at what else is happening at this Dubai summer camp...

Blossom Nursery Summer Camp 2019

1. Music and movement

Children naturally enjoy music and will begin reacting to music at an early age. As they get older, their love of music will bring one of the most obvious benefits of children participating in music and movement: the release of energy.

When children take part in music and movement activities, they are given the opportunity to have fun, be creative and dance around to burn off some energy. This also helps them develop and refine their social skills and children learn to work as a team, to share, and to be creative in a group environment.

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Research shows that exposure to music can also improve children’s ability to learn to improve memory, cognitive development, learning skills and their overall ability to express themselves. Finally, reaching for and picking up instruments also helps in the development of hand-eye coordination as well as strength, balance, and agility.

Classes at this year's camp will include the introduction of different kinds of music, its rhythm and speed; learning a new song weekly; singing and dancing to music; participating in action songs; enjoying relaxation music to rest our bodies; exploring musical instruments.

2. Creative arts and crafts

Getting creative helps to improve physical development in little ones - including their fine motor skills, and it increases their dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Creativity also nurtures a child's social and emotional development, through self-expression, socialising and boosting their self-esteem. Lastly, by encouraging a child's cognitive development, their innovation is enhanced as well as their creative ability. It sharpens their decision-making skills and improves their visual learning and memory.

Classes at this year's camp will include drawing, painting, colouring, molding sculptures and cutting and pasting.

3. Cognitive learning

Learning is to think using the brain, and so the Blossom Nursery summer camp will include pre-Math/Math, Science, sensory exploration, language and communication, problem-solving and reasoning.

Cognitive learning refers to the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Roleplay, active discussion, experimentation, and hands-on activities will be the main strategies.

Classes at this year's camp will include cooperative and collaborative learning; meaningful learning; discovery learning; observation or imitation learning and experimental learning.

4. Sports and games

Enjoy fun sports and games helps to improve coordination and balance, increases strength and stamina, reduces stress and enhances kids’ moods, builds healthy bones and muscles, increases fitness, improves sleep, helps them socialize, improves their cooperation skills, boosts self-confidence and lowers the risk of getting obese. It also has a great role to play in the personality development of children and impacts their educational growth and their ability to learn.

Classes at this year's camp will include a parachute game, 'What's the time, Mr. Wolf?', 'I Spy', 'Freeze!', indoor hopscotch, indoor bowling, a treasure hunt, 'Hot Potato' and 'Simon Says'.

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Blossom and Babilou Nurseries follow the Modern British Curriculum EYFS, the program is designed in a way to help children boost their self-confidence as children are guided to learn through experience and play. All activities contribute to one of the below areas of development:Cognitive Development, Social and Emotional Development, Speech and Language Development, Fine Motor Skill Development and Gross Motor Skill Development.

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