Benefits of Early Years Foundation Stage for Kids in Dubai |

Benefits of Early Years Foundation Stage for Kids in Dubai

The Early Years Foundation Stage is a curriculum that covers children's education for up to 5 years

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11 December 2018

Last updated on 16 April 2019
Benefits of Early Years of Learning for Kids in Dubai

Choosing the right curriculum for younger ones, can be a difficult task for parents in Dubai

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) places importance on the value of developing the Early Years Education through a unique plan, which offers personalized assessment for every child.

EYFS has set certain standards in the recent years on the learning, development and care of each child from birth to their receptive years.

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Here are some of the essential benefits that EYFS Curriculum have on your children's learning:

  • EYFS curriculum places emphases on the value of children and their childhood, including their relationships and environment; all of which comes together to help them make sense of the world around them
  • It encourages consistent, responsive and nurturing care, which in turn helps children to feel loved and taken care of
  • The EYFS curriculum also encourages child-care providers to guide children towards building relationships via communicative practice and further allowing them to participate in decision making about things that affect them i.e. eating, resting or self-care routines
  • It also gives ideas to parents and child-care providers to prepare the right environment to support and encourage their children to be active in their learning. This includes providing children with the necessary materials like books, art, dramatic-play items, blocks, science/natural objects, music and sensory stimulants
  • Children enrolled in the EYFS curriculum can expect a level of personal, social, physical, emotional and linguistic growth

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Benefits of Early Years of Learning for Kids in Dubai

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EYFS curriculum also encourages parents and teachers to share a strong partnership thus ensuring that children's needs are met in an effective and timely manner:

  • Kids are able to express their feelings and communicate their needs and develop a good vocabulary
  • They are able to mingle with their peers and easily form relationships
  • Kids are encouraged to develop motor skills for a variety of physical activities
  • They find it easy to participate in music learning i.e. singing
  • They take on daily chores like getting dressed, going to the toilet or eating with ease
  • Kids also find it easy to listen to others and grasp what they're saying

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It follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) combined with Skygarden; which offers an objective framework based on curiosity based learn approach.

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