Top Tips to Get Your Child Back into Routine After The Holidays |

Top Tips to Get Your Child Back into Routine After The Holidays

Blossom Nursery in Dubai talks about effective ways in which children can easily transition back to their school routine

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6 December 2018

Last updated on 16 April 2019
Top Tips to Get Your Child Back into Routine After The Holidays

Similarly to adults, children returning to school after a long holiday can find it difficult to get back into routine.

Such a sudden change in routine can result in some unwanted behavior from your little ones. Educational experts at Blossom Nursery in Dubai shine light on top tips that parents can use to ensure a smooth transition to routine for their kids:

1. Preparation is Key

Don’t let the first day of school creep up on your children out of nowhere. Start preparing your child days in advance, informing them about their upcoming school term. Start practicing school night bed timings.

Our minds as well as bodies need time to readjust to a new routine, hence getting them to bed early and waking them up early will help them get back into routine with ease.

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2. Instill Your Own Routine

Children learn best by mimicking adults and their habits. Reinstate your own routine by going to bed early and setting up an early call time. Kids will learn by looking at your changed behavior and try implementing it themselves.

3. Keep the Holiday Memories Safe

If your kids find it hard to let go of the holidays, help them put together a memory box and ask them tuck away any memories that they’d like to add in their memory box.

Explain to your child about how they can look into the box whenever they want and how fun the holidays were. This way they’d be able to say a proper goodbye to their holidays and will find it easier to head back to school when the term rolls around.

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4. Let Them Have Their Meltdown

If your child is prone to a not-so-happy attitude with going back to school then instill a school routine days in advance. This would give them time to express their feelings and or share any inhibitions they might have from returning to school.

Truthfully speaking adults themselves would love a little pity-party themselves before going back to work, hence children are no different.

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5. Show Them Some Extra TLC

Separation anxiety is a major concern for most children, especially the younger ones. Be sure to spend a little extra time snuggling and cuddling with a day before to ensure they leave home with a big smile on their faces.

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