Children's Artworks Visibility Leads to Value |

Children's Artworks Visibility Leads to Value

Kids at Kids Cottage Nursery showcase their creativity through the wonders of art

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24 June 2019

Last updated on 1 July 2019
Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai

At Kids Cottage Nursery, in our reggio environment we considered art media as a tool to help our children make their ideas, thoughts, theories visible and to construct a new understanding of any project and theme.

Through encounters with a wide range of media and materials, children become more comfortable and skilled and begin to use the materials to communicate and represent their emotions, discoveries and interests.

The schools in Reggio Emilia refers to this communication as “The hundred languages of children”.

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Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai

Hanging Art

An amazing collaborative piece of art created by bluebells Class, age 2-3 years.

Some beads, ribbons and other materials were all hung from a tree branch witness of such creativity and imagination.

  • Artists: Bluebells Class, age 2-3 years
  • Art: “The branch”
  • Materials: watercolor paint, wire, beads, natural materials.

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Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai

Instinct & Imagination

An exploration of lines and colors inspired by Joan Miro.When Fs1 Class stood in front of the canvas, they never know that they are going to do – but at the end they were surprised from their results.

“I think I can see lots of lines, a sleeping line, a standing line, a hip hop line, a wave line, a jumping line and a zigzag line. I want to draw like Miro, he likes lines, and black colors. I draw a big circle it is someone with earphone listening to the radio. The circle is a line going round and round” Atlas, 4yrs.

This is how our little artist Atlas deciphered the concept of lines through Joan Miro paintings.

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Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai

Magic Touch

A magic touch to the ocean created by Blossoms class using natural materials and loose parts. Loose parts are materials which can be manipulated in order to feed the children’s curiosity and unleash their imagination.

Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai

Jackson Pollock- A beautiful Mess

Inspired by the famous artists, Jackson Pollock, Bluebells Class, age 2-3 years, created a stunning collaborative piece of art following the technique called action painting used by Pollock. These small artists enjoyed dribbling the paint in long and wobbly lines, and making splashy drippy, messy while listening to music.

Happy Listening and Art-Making!

Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai
  • Art: African Mask
  • Artists: Bluebells Class, 2 -3 years
  • Technique: collage
  • Materials: cardboard, lids, fabric, seeds, feathers, wooden sticks, watercolor paint
Kids Cottage Nursery: Nursery in Dubai
  • Artists: FS1 Class, 3-4 years
  • Materials: Natural materials, fabric, beads, coins, buttons

“They look like real treasure and jewelers” Laura, 4 years

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