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5 Reasons Your Child Needs to be Enrolled in Spring Camp in Dubai

The Kids First Group of nursery schools in Dubai are one of the best at early childhood education and will offer your little one an amazing experience in their first years of life.

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15 March 2018

Last updated on 18 March 2018
5 Reasons Your Child Needs to be Enrolled in Spring Camp in Dubai

As the Spring holiday is right around the corner, you may be wondering what is the best and most productive way for your child to spend their free time. There are plenty of ideas if you’re looking for an activity for kids in the city, but there is one activity that beats them all: enrolling them in a Spring camp at some of the best nurseries in Dubai.

The best part is that you have many spring camps to choose from, depending on your child’s preferences and needs.

You may be asking yourself if it is worth it to put your child in a camp for the spring break. Our answer is definitely yes, and we can give you five reasons why your child actually needs to be enrolled in a camp this spring:

1. They can spend their day being physically active.

Instead of leaving them at home, they can be playing outside, running around the nursery playgrounds and participating in all kinds of fun and active activities. Physical activity is very beneficial for kids because it develops bones and muscles; improves balance and flexibility and even enhances their emotional well being.

2. They can unplug from technology.

By spending less time at home, in front of the television or their IPADS, the kids will be able to make use of their creativity in the real world, and will connect better with everything around them. They will make new friends, play with nature and feel real emotions that will benefit them as they grow older.

5 Reasons Your Child Needs to be Enrolled in Spring Camp

3. They can develop their unique personalities.

Because of the wide variety of activities available in these kid-friendly Dubai holiday camps, the little ones can discover what they like, what they dislike, and develop their skills in their favorite activities in their time at camp.

4. They will improve their social skills.

At camp, the kids spend time with their teachers and friends on a daily basis, for several hours. This necessarily means that they will learn to effectively interact and cooperate with others. They will be sharing toys, and participating in different kinds of team-building activities. These skills are extremely valuable to learn at an early age.

5. They are free to explore.

The KFG nursery schools in Dubai emphasize the idea of child-led learning. It is the children, and not the teachers, who plan the day. Spring camp gives your child the free time they need to just roam, explore and discover.

Camps are highly beneficial for kids, especially in their early years, so if you are looking for a nursery in Dubai that offers amazing spring camps, look no further than Kids First group.

5 Reasons Your Child Needs to be Enrolled in Spring Camp

Here is a list of nurseries in Dubai that give you some of the best spring camp options:

It will be a farm-themed spring camp where children will have the chance to embrace the farm through fun and hand-on activities such as pretend play, milking a cow, making dairy products, dressing up and cooking. Don’t these sound like great kids’ activities in Dubai!

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