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How The Little Dreamers Nursery Supports Children With Making the Transition to Nursery

Starting nursery can be a challenge for children and parents which is why we would like to share some key pointers to support with the transition

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17 January 2019

Last updated on 21 January 2019
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Helping children to gain an understanding about the transition to Nursery

The Little Dreamers Nursery recommends parents take the time to initiate conversations with their child about their new nursery, reflecting it in a positive light.

There are also many children’s books that can be purchased with fun stories about children’s day at Nursery, these stories could be read during the bedtime routine. It’s also nice to share the Nursery prospectus with the child, although they may not be able to read they can still look at the photos of their new nursery to help with their understanding.

Settling in policy

The settling in policy will be shared with parents highlighting how children and parents are supported through the transition of starting nursery.

Features included in the policy are 'All about me forms’ which helps the nursery Teacher to get an idea of the child’s routine, interests, challenges, habits as well as likes and dislikes. Settling in observations, baseline assessments of development and health information is also included.

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Settling in periods

The Little Dreamers Nursery organises settling in periods before a child actual start date. This helps the child to gradually become familiar with the nursery environment in a way that reduces stress levels and is not such a shock.

Comfort Objects

We encourage new children to bring something familiar from home, this could be their favorite cuddly toy or for babies an item of mummy’s clothing with her natural body scent. Something familiar from home can help to bring a sense of comfort.

As the Little Dreamers Nursery focuses on creating a home away from home feel this supportive method resonates with our philosophy.

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Separation Anxiety

Many children experience separation anxiety which can be one of the key challenges when leaving a child at nursery. Some parents feel it is fine to slip away once dropping their child off at nursery, but this is not the best approach.

When parents just slip away it can often create even more anxiety for the child and they will not want to let the parents out of there sight on their next visit to the nursery.

Parents should always try to say bye giving reassure to their child that they will be back and will see them later. Once a child knows their parent will return the anxiety levels will be reduced after time.

Parents may also feel anxiety but should be optimistic and keep in mind that children can frequently take up to a month or more in some cases to settling into nursery. Its important to stay positive for throughout the whole process as once the child begin to flourish parents will see it was all worth it.

If you are thinking about settling your child into nursery, please feel free to contact or visit The Little Dreamers Nursery on +971 50 566 7982 or press 'Click to Contact' to submit their inquiries.

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At The Little Dreamers Nursery, we believe that the best environment for young children is a home environment, however, due to the demands of modern life we understand that this is not always an option for parents.

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