Modeling Behavior in the Classroom: Positive Reinforcement |

Modeling Behavior in the Classroom: Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is a positive or pleasant reaction of the parent in response to the new or good behavior of the child

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15 April 2019

Last updated on 15 April 2019
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The role of positive reinforcement helps keep the rule in place while building up the child’s confidence and reaffirming his/her place in the world.

Positive reinforcement can be used to reshape negative behavioral patterns into healthier ones.

The reality

– Suhail was not staying inside the classroom. He would leave without telling the teacher or teaching assistant. One week he told the teacher that he wanted to leave to use the bathroom. Immediately, the teacher noticed the shift in behavior and positively praised him.

She said, “Thank you so much for letting me know and thank you for following my instructions. Good job!” Timing is crucial for rapid behavior change. Consistency is also important for it to be set in place permanently.

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Nannies, especially, must enforce/uphold the rules since they spend the most amount of time with the child. Parents must oversee that the nannies are following through with tough love.

Parents and nannies should not indulge the child in a tantrum or a moment of outburst by giving into whatever he/she demands or desires. Remember you are in control and guiding them to a better way of living for the rest of his/her life.

Forms of Positive Reinforcement that can be used:

  • Verbal praise
  • Physical touch
  • Special treat
  • Special reward
  • Special outing

Positive reinforcement is a technique used daily at The Little Dreamers Nursery, with great response from the children. If you should require any additional information or guidance relating to positive reinforcement please do not hesitate to contact us.

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