Nursery or Nanny: Find Out What is a Better Choice |

Nursery or Nanny: Find Out What is a Better Choice

Working parents, especially expat parents who are often far away from families back home are faced with the difficult choice of nursery, nanny or both for their baby or toddler

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21 May 2019

Last updated on 21 May 2019
Nursery or Nanny: Find Out What is a Better Choice

Many parents are very anxious about leaving their little bundle of joy with a nanny or nursery for the first time and they want to make the right decision to keep their baby happy, safe and developing well.

Moreover, the attachment they have with their babies can understandably cause high levels of separation anxiety. Considering the nature of work in UAE, and short maternity leave allowances, parents, particularly women who do not want to leave their jobs, need to make this tough decision.

Hence, a decision will need to be made between hiring a nanny and enrolling the infant into a nursery or a day care setting.

Many parents choose to hire a nanny to look after their baby at home, especially when they are only a few weeks or months old. Often times parents bring her before the arrival of the baby so she can settle into the home be trained on the parent’s expectations.

Note, there are many laws which has been put in place to protect both the parents and the nannies and you will need to research these before you go ahead with hiring one.

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Below are but a few advantages which parents consider before hiring a nanny or bringing in a relative:

  • It’s less costly
  • The baby is familiar with those at home so there is less separation anxiety for the baby
  • The nanny can also perform housekeeping duties
  • The baby has one on one attention from the nanny
  • Parents are in control of the nanny and household routines and can dictate what is right for their baby

Considering the above advantages, a nanny may seem like the perfect choice, however there are critical disadvantages such as:

  • Many nannies have limited, if any training to work with children and they are often inexperienced
  • Performing housekeeping activities can limit their time to work with the baby on development and cognitive skills
  • There is often a language barrier; the nanny might not have the same native language and her language skills might be limited
  • Socialisation will be limited since there are a few persons to interact with at home
  • Infants might have limited space and facilities in the home
  • Trust can be difficult as the nanny will be totally alone with the child without supervision for much of the day.

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Nursery or Nanny: Find Out What is a Better Choice

Nurseries offer a lot more than just a space for children to play or a few supervisors who make sure that the children eat, sleep, and stay safe.

The early years professionals also carefully observe the children to identify their interests and learning needs. Nurseries work with dedicated and qualified staff and follow a specific approach, such as EYFS for instance.

The goal of this approach is to support children in developing physical, social and emotional skills, as well as language and communication skills, mathematics, arts and design, literacy, science, and other academic skills. Though there are different approaches used across different settings, it should be noted that enrolling your infant into a nursery has so many advantages for the child both now and in the future.

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What the child learns during the early years takes him/her through life. At this stage, children learn faster and are full of energy to explore the world around them. This platform can be found only in nurseries and daycare centers with trained and certified staff.

  • Nurseries are governed strictly by the law and supervised by Ministry of Education, as such the safety of children is assured
  • The nursery provides structured activities which covers all areas of the child’s development
  • Nurseries implement routines to help children be organised and give value to time and resources
  • Nurseries provide a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment for the child
  • The nursery works in partnership parents and gives them regular updates on their child’s progress and needs
  • Parents can feel reassured by the fact that nurseries have qualified, expert staff and have a license to operate

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