Parenting Styles at Home and in the Nursery |

Parenting Styles at Home and in the Nursery

Experts at The Little Dreamers Nursery shine light on the different parenting styles and their impact on children

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25 April 2019

Last updated on 1 May 2019
Parenting Styles at Home and in the Nursery

A child is 100% human, being a child, doesn’t make you less human, rather a little human in need of nurture. This is where parenting and education join forces!

Parenting is the activity of bringing up a child as a parent, while education is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction. Education begins at home and moves to the nursery and school setting, thus parenting style plays a huge role in the education of a child.

Personal parenting style is a psychological construct representing standard strategies that parents use in their child rearing. Effective parenting is more essential in the upbringing of a child than the length of time spent with the child; quality over quantity.

With this significance, Baumrind conducted a survey on parenting and child outcomes, which resulted in 4 types of parenting styles with 4 different kinds of child outcomes, these included;

The Autocratic (Very strict and unfriendly)

These parents believe children should be seen and not heard. When it comes to rules, they believe it's "my way or the highway”.

These parents don't take the child's feelings into consideration. The children under this parenting style can turn out to have low self-esteem, be very aggressive and often tell lies. Such children might not concentrate or socialise well in school.

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The Authoritative (Very friendly and democratic)

These parents put a lot of effort into creating and maintaining a positive relationship with the child. They explain the reasons behind their rules. They enforce rules and give consequences, but take their child's feelings into consideration. Children raised with authoritative parents tend to be happy and successful.

They're also more likely to be good at making decisions and evaluating safety risks on their own. More so, they can usually concentrate in school and form good relationships.

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The Permissive (They set rules but rarely enforce them)

These parents don't give out consequences very often. They think their child will learn best with little interference from them. Children under this parenting style can struggle academically.

They may exhibit more behavioral problems as they don't appreciate authority and rules. They often have low self-esteem and may report a lot of sadness.

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Uninvolved (They don’t ask their child about school or homework)

These parents rarely know where their child is or who she is with. They don’t spend much time with their child. There tend to be few rules. Children may not receive much guidance, nurturing, and attention.

Children with uninvolved parents are likely to struggle with self-esteem issues. They tend to perform poorly in school. They also exhibit frequent behavior problems and rank low in happiness.

Nursery should educate the child through guidance, not necessarily by imposing strict teacher led classes, but by using a child centered learning environment; the child should be able to explore, play and learn according to their needs and interests within a set of firm, positive boundaries that are kindly enforced as the child learns.

This helps the child build up self-esteem, confidence and an independent lifestyle. The parents and nursery should work together to similar sets of rules and boundaries so that the child has consistency; partnership with parents is key. Talk to your teacher about the classroom rules and routines and let her know what you are doing at home.

We at the Little Dreamers Nursery provide the environment of child centred, discovery learning.

We foster an environment full of love, attention, respect, and open our ears to allow us to really understand each child, thus making our nursery environment feel like home away from home.

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