How To Stay Active Once Kids Are Back In School |

How To Stay Active Once Kids Are Back In School

Kids who stay physically active despite the hot weather receive tremendous development benefits

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22 August 2019

Last updated on 10 September 2019
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by Clarice Awa
How To Stay Active Once Kids Are Back In School

Here is why it's important for kids to stay physically active despite the hot weather

It is evident that physical activity can favorably affect a person’s physical health and wellbeing. However, the question is whether it is equally beneficial to a child? And the answer is a resounding YES! But of even greater importance are the effects of a properly designed physical program on the child’s developing nervous system.

Keep your children physically active this new school year with a program that profoundly influences the process of brain growth and neurological organisation.

Masterminds Nursery and Kindergarten's Physical Program is a purposeful set of activities integrated into the children’s daily life. There is a cascading effect of each activity that stimulates intellectual and social growth as well as physical development.

Here are all the exciting physical activities that will make your child look forward to returning back to school.


Gymnastics encourages children to incorporate flexibility, speed, balance, strength, coordination, discipline, and power.

The benefits of Masterminds' gymnastics program transcends children from just being physically superb - it actually contributes to children developing skills, like beautiful handwriting, at a young age. Every little child can hold a pencil but it is the manual control, boosted by gymnastics' coordination and discipline, that children have over the pencil that dictates how great is their writing ability.


Swimming has excellent benefits for health, safety and confidence. Especially on a hot day in Dubai, swimming is a tried and true way to keep children cool while encouraging a healthy level of physical activity.

Swimming also has a profound impact on the critical thinking side of the brain; children who excel at swimming, excel at Math. A previous study conducted by the Griffith Institute for Educational Research in Australia found that kids who start swimming young achieve a wider range of skills earlier than other children their age. Among these advanced skills are language development, fine motor skills, physical development, social skills, and mathematics.

The amount of concentration required for breathing and coordination while in the water is reflected in improved focus for Math. The children at Masterminds experience this everyday. Students who are swimming independently are brilliant at addition and subtraction.

The pool at Masterminds uses salt water filtration which has lower chlorine levels. Salt water pools are much gentler on the eyes, skin and respiratory system of younger children. The pool is cleaned thoroughly three times a week at a minimum. Temperature is maintained at a comfortable level throughout the year which always makes it a pleasant experience for the children.

Safety of children is paramount. Masterminds Nursery has a lifeguard on duty and two assistants present at all times in the pool. Children arrive in their class group of 3 to 6 children depending on age. Lessons are conducted with the children in the shallow end of the pool and each child gets an opportunity for a one-on-one lesson with the teacher.

According to the swimming and PE teacher at Masterminds, aftercare is given equal attention. The staff ensures that all children shower before and after their lesson and their hair is dried well before they go back into the air-conditioned classrooms.

How To Stay Active Once Kids Are Back In School


Brachiation is a locomotion activity that involves children swinging from one point to the other using only their arms. Children benefit as this strengthens the upper body, develops grip strength, promotes endurance, eye-hand coordination, and flexibility.

As it helps to develop kinesthetic awareness, it allows children to be self-aware and improves depth perception, thus enhancing fine motor skills. When a child jumps up and hangs on the bar, they have a moment to decide whether to swing onwards, let go, or ask for help.

The physical capability developed is reflected in improved problem-solving, reading, writing, and motor skills due to increased eye-hand coordination. Brachiation also helps with correcting posture because of the upper body strength required for the fun activity.

Masterminds Nursery & Kindergarten gently nurtures the ability in each and every student. Each child develops and progresses at their own pace following the Pathway to Excellence irrespective of age. Once they succeed, it is difficult to hold them back. Children learning to brachiate will do it two to three times a day. Once they are independent, it is difficult to keep them off the brachiation ladder - they do it frequently and create their own games.

By being presented with the opportunity to do physical activities on purpose, regularly and in proper order rather than once or twice a week as done in other establishments, children at Masterminds reach a stage of physical excellence that will provide them with the opportunity to be virtually anything and everything they want to be throughout their life.

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