Join the Fun at MindChamps Nursery’s Family Fun Day on November 24th |

Join the Fun at MindChamps Nursery’s Family Fun Day on November 24th

MindChamps Nursery invites you & your little champs to a day of fun and activities.

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19 November 2018

Last updated on 19 November 2018
MindChamps Nursery’s Family Fun Day

Dubai’s stunning new branch of the leading global nursery group, MindChamps, is hosting a Family Fun Day on Saturday, 24th November for families to experience this sought after nursery with a vast selection of fun family activities on offer.

What to expect from the Family Fun Day?

This exciting event will include drumming workshops for parents and children, bubble shows, NeuroMooves dance and exercise sessions, puppet shows, story-telling and art and craft experiences. Nursery Manager, Susan Roberts, and her team of educators will be available to answer your questions and show you around the state of the art facility in Al Safa 2.

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Family Fun Day

What makes MindChamps Nursery different?

Dubai parent community have been awaiting the arrival of this leading global nursery group in the UAE, but who are MindChamps exactly are what makes them different?

The MindChamps approach to early years education was developed for the 21st century around the realisation that the current educational model was not sufficient to prepare our children for the work place of tomorrow. The MindChamps team recognised that the current and historical educational focus on teaching children to retain information had become redundant. MindChamps realised that what was needed was to develop passionate life-long learners, skilled problem solvers, engaging speakers, conflict negotiators, social butterflies and above all else, children who believe in themselves enough to become confident, well-adjusted adults.

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It is because of these high expectations that MindChamps brought in expertise from some of the world’s foremost neuroscientists, psychologists, educationalists and theatre trainers. With a global advisory board of such strength and vision, MindChamps have built an early year’s curriculum like no other.

To experience the nursery facilities and meet the team of educators who are bringing this incredible curriculum to Dubai, families can RSVP to [email protected] and come along to the Family Fun Day event on Saturday 24th November.

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MindChamps is much more than a nursery. Developed by a team of interdisciplinary experts, the MindChamps program is designed to create champion learners at the early learning stage by nurturing the joy of discovery. Our award-winning 3-Mind Champ concept, encompassing The Champion Mind, The Learning Mind and The Creative Mind, teaches young children ‘how’ to learn for self-fulfilling success.

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