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A Parent’s Top 10 Guide to Choosing a School in Dubai

A parent's guide to help you make the most important decision for your child.

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4 March 2018

Last updated on 12 June 2018
A Parent’s Top 10 Guide to Choosing a School in Dubai

Clarion School in Dubai provides a guideline for all parents, helping them make the right decision when it comes to choosing a school for their kids. Read on below to find how parents can take this crucial decision based on some important questions.

1. How ready is the school for the future?

  • Is the school igniting your child's curiosity?
  • Are children learning how to learn?
  • Is meaningful learning happening?
  • Does the school believe there may be no right answer or many answers?

2. How skilled are the teachers?

  • What are the qualifications of your child’s teacher?
  • What is the quality and consistency of the teacher’s professional development?
  • Are the teachers able to challenge the students to think differently and take ownership of their learning?
  • Are the teachers able to support the students to adapt to uncertainty and change?

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3. Does learning happen outside the classroom?

  • Is there an understanding that learning should also happen outside of the classroom?
  • How is Dubai used as a laboratory for learning?
  • How are field trips integrated as part of the learning process?
  • Is recess valued as part of the learning process?
Does learning happen outside the classroom?

4. Does learning happen beyond the textbook?

  • What are the sources of information and learning for the child other than the textbook?
  • How much experiential learning takes place during the school day?
  • Are experts in the field brought in to share their experiences with the children?
  • Are there opportunities for children to voice their own opinions?

5. Is the learning environment conducive to breaking intellectual boundaries?

  • How safe is it for your child to be an intellectual risk taker?
  • Is your child encouraged to think outside the box?
  • Is your child encouraged to formulate their own opinions?
  • Is your child respected as an individual?

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6. How is technology used in the school?

  • How is screen time addressed at the school?
  • Does technology overwhelm the classroom?
  • Is technology taught as a means in itself or a means to an end?
  • How does technology support learning outcomes at the school?

7. What does the learning environment feel like?

  • Are children happy?
  • Is it warm and friendly?
  • Is the school oversized or just the right size for your child?
  • Do you see children playing in groups and having discussions?
What does the learning environment feel like?

8. How are children assessed?

  • How is progress measured?
  • What forms of assessment are used to reflect learning?
  • How are assessments used to inform the teaching and learning environment?
  • How are children assessed before entry into the school?

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9. How does the school engage parents?

  • Is there a parent association in the school?
  • How does the school communicate consistent with parents?
  • How do parents share their ideas with the school?
  • Are there learning events for Parents at school?

10. What is the value system in the school?

  • How are values such as kindness, gratitude and giving back practiced at school?
  • Are children encouraged to help others?
  • How is social justice practiced in school?
  • What is the vision and mission of the school?

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