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Progressive Parenting and Education

Alan Cohen, our guest and Advisory Committee member is at Clarion speaking on Progressive Parenting.

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16 March 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Progressive Parenting and Education
Clarion School was pleased to welcome Alan Cohen on March 14 and 15. Alan Cohen, our guest and Advisory Committee member is at Clarion speaking on Progressive Parenting and Education, and his experiences at Harvard University as Co-Chair of the Principal’s Center at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • Progressive parenting brings the ideas of progressive education into the home: listening, allowing children to speak and lead authentic discovery and exploration.
  • Educating and specifically the act of teaching and learning - for children of the 21st and 22nd century. 
  • What that means - giving our children skills to be collaborative communicators - we are not even looking to teach our children to be problem solvers we are looking for problem finders.
  • The connection of progressive parenting to progressive teaching -  The old style of teaching (memorization and recall) has its place for understanding number facts, geography and important dates. That old style of teaching and education is replaced with:
1. Understanding which emerges from doing thinking asking questions and understanding multiple perspectives. 
2. Learning is a consequence of thinking. It is active, it is social and takes place throughout the life span. 
3. Thinking is more than a skill. It is dispositional and can be made visible through particular routines and practices. 
4. Intelligence is multiple, dynamic and related to disposition and cultural context of learners.
Mr. Cohen’s talks at Clarion School on progressive education were an interactive conversation on parenting styles, choices and the benefits of raising children in a bold new way. Alan’s work comes from his experiences as a principal supervising 32 schools in New York and his work at Harvard University. He also taught at the New York City Leadership Academy training new and aspiring school leaders. Alan was head at several prestigious schools in New York, known for their progressive education.

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“Clarion is a world-class school and one of the finest progressive education programs that I have seen. It has been the experience of a lifetime was meeting the wonderful parents, children, teachers and the administration. I look forward to my return.”- Alan Cohen

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