Schools in Dubai: An Inside Look into Clarion School Dubai |

Schools in Dubai: An Inside Look into Clarion School Dubai

Here’s an inside look into the Progressive American Education School that facilitates deeper learning

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5 June 2018

Last updated on 21 June 2018
Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

At Clarion School we are passionate about learning. Our students thrive in a progressive education environment where hands-on learning experiences create deep learning and a robust academic foundation. Building on children’s natural curiosity, we help them achieve high standards while maintaining a joy in learning that is the foundation for success.

We are a PreK to Grade 5 School, growing to Grade 12. All classroom teachers at Clarion School hold a Master’s Degree in Education. This provides the experience, confidence and flexibility necessary to deliver high-quality teaching in a progressive classroom.

Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

Classrooms lead by highly qualified teachers

We envision a school that balances challenging academics and a nurturing environment to help students reach their potential. By developing problem-solving strategies and critical thinking skills, our children are prepared to embrace life’s opportunities and become collaborative, productive and responsible members of a global community.

Clarion School delivers a curriculum developed in collaboration with one of the foremost US progressive Graduate Schools of Education.

Aligned to meet the highest tier of US Standards, including the Common Core +15, Clarion School offers an interdisciplinary, engaging curriculum taught by passionate educators. Our teachers differentiate curriculum to meet each child’s needs and learning style, empowering them to become active, independent learners.

Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

Specialist Teachers

Our well-rounded Specials program includes traditional special classes of Art, Music, Technology and Foreign Languages, and non-traditional special classes of Woodwork and our new Makerspace.

PE and Sports are integral to our program, supporting our students as they develop social and emotional skills and engage in learning beyond the classroom.

Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

Beyond the Classroom

Connections between the classroom and the world beyond school is crucial in a progressive education, and field trips are a weekly event.

Through field trips, teachers can provide experiences for their students that extend and deepen the material learned in class. These thoughtfully-designed field trips bring to life the work students do in the classroom and create real-world applications.

Field trips tie in directly to the year-long studies in each grade level.

They provide students with new ways to explore and understand the key concepts of their studies. They also offer experiential learning and multiple entry points for children with a variety of learning styles.

Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

How Traditional Studies are Woven into the Yearlong Study

In each grade’s year-long study, the traditional disciplines of literacy, math and science are interwoven with social studies. In addition to scheduled time for these traditional disciplines, the studies offer a way for students to practice skills in engaging, relevant ways that deepen learning.

For example, in the study of water, we look at its chemical makeup, the chemical changes from pollution, the geography of water, different sources of water, water uses and the costs of maintaining a water supply.

Schools in Dubai | Clarion School Dubai

Parents are our Partners

We are proud of our work with students and parents in developing our Clarion farm boxes for growing vegetables. Our Eco Committee of parents is also developing and carrying out our program to become a plastic-free school.

Parents are our partners at Clarion, key in shaping the direction of the education for our students and fundamental in building our school community.

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Welcome to an exciting education future at Clarion School where we nurture creativity and a love of learning through experiential learning and a strong academic program.

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