Dubai-Based School Shines Bright in Their KHDA Results |

Dubai-Based School Shines Bright in Their KHDA Results

Learn more about Kings' Education's commitment to being a leader in student happiness in Dubai...

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21 May 2017

Last updated on 30 January 2018
Dubai-Based School Shines Bright in Their KHDA Results
Kings’ Education’s commitment to being a leader in student happiness and wellbeing reflected in 2017 KHDA inspection results as it continues its journey to excellence.

- Outstanding curriculum, breadth of effective teaching and strong leadership commended
- Excellent review for two newest schools being inspected for the first time 
Kings’ Education today announced fantastic results for its two newest schools for the 2016-2017 academic year, adding to the outstanding Kings’ School Dubai, inspected by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) through the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB).

The quality of leadership that runs throughout the Kings’ schools has been reflected through the inspection findings report, which found both new schools inspected to be ‘good’, reinforcing its position as a leader in first class education which aims to help every child achieve its full potential through learning in and beyond the classroom. 

Kings’ Education is a prestigious group of schools following British curriculum, which has built a reputation of offering children, parents and teachers a sense of belonging amongst a warm and friendly community. September 2014 saw the opening of two new schools under the brand – Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba, and Kings’ School Al Barsha. Since then, all schools have had a particular focus on the teaching of children in a manner that will help them develop as moral, successful and most importantly, happy individuals. 
Alan Williamson, Director of Education at Kings’ School’s and Principal at Kings' School Al Barsha commented, “Building on the Kings’ success story to date, we are thrilled with the extremely positive recognition we have received from KHDA in our first inspection for our two newest schools.

"It’s a real milestone on our journey to excellence. We have a robust commitment to creating an environment where all pupils feel safe and comfortable with a sense of belonging. We strongly believe that it is this sense of purpose that has led to us achieving these fantastic results in the right way, as well as nurturing exceptional teachers and leaders that continue to make our vision a reality.”

Outstanding curriculum and strength of teaching commended 

Kings’ School Al Barsha has been recognised for its students’ outstanding personal development who show a strong commitment to being socially responsible. Kings’ Education invests in and develops talent resulting in high-quality teaching and an accessible, visible and inspiring leadership team that provide outstanding direction. This is evident in the excellent review of the partnerships established with parents as well as the energetic leadership that has created a positive learning culture. The school was also commended for its broad and balanced curriculum with appropriate adaptations made to meet the needs of different groups of students, while a strong ethos of inclusion to provide opportunities for all. In particular, the Foundation Stage curriculum was hailed as outstanding. 

Strong progress and a bright future 

Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba has built a strong learning-focused community between staff, children and parents alike and fosters an inspirational, innovative, happy and purposeful environment which KHDA recognised as having a clear impact on learning. Since the opening in 2014, the principal, leaders and all staff have been committed to its progress, something which was specifically identified by KHDA as resulting in effective learning. Again, the personal development of the students was recognised as very good, with a particular reference to the skills of innovation being advanced in addition to the well-designed curriculum receiving acknowledgement. 
The newly established leadership team, under the guidance of the principal, was also commended for setting a clear direction and establishing high standards across the school. Student and learning innovation is something that has always been central to the vision of the leadership at the Nad Al Sheba establishment and as a result, the inspection found the facilities and resources for learning to be very good and effectively used. The school hosts an annual Innovation Week as well as encourages students to try new approaches to learning such as adapting classrooms to enable students to extend their thinking and creativity.  

Continuing the journey to excellence

The positive results add to King’s Education’s fantastic track record of Kings’ School Dubai which has been rated 'outstanding' every year since inspections began, the only school in the UAE to do so.
“KHDA’s inspection results have not only recognised the Kings’ Schools’ overall learning environment and strength of community for children and staff, but the outstanding, robust and rigorous arrangements that we provide for child protection and keeping children safe. Kings’ prides itself on happy and safe children across all its campuses and this is the most important priority for every member of staff,” Williamson added. 
The KHDA is responsible for the growth and quality of private education in Dubai. DSIB provides comprehensive information on the standard of private school education in Dubai, which helps to inform improvement planning at school and policy level. Through inspections and the participation of schools in international assessments, DSIB provides KHDA, the Government of Dubai and the wider public with an accurate and detailed view of the quality of school education in Dubai in relation to the educationally best-performing countries in the world.
Williamson concluded, “Kings’ provides a supportive and inspiring learning environment which results in unrivalled learning opportunities, excellent teaching and a truly transparent partnership between parents and teachers. We are proud of our achievements this year which we believe have provided the foundation for another positive inspection next time. We look forward to and are committed to continuing to progress in the next academic year and beyond.”

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