Schools in Dubai: Kings’ Welcomes Students to New School Year |

Schools in Dubai: Kings’ Welcomes Students to New School Year

With the first week of the 2018/9 school year completed, new and returning students – and parents - are back in academic mode. Samantha Kleinschmidt, Parent Relations Executive, Kings’ School Al Barsha, reports

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16 September 2018

Last updated on 17 September 2018
Schools in Dubai: Kings’ Welcomes Students to New School Year

After the long summer break, we are always very excited to greet new and existing students. The first day of the new school year is always buzzing with excitement, and this year was no different.

Our leadership team was at the school gates - as they are every morning - to greet both new and existing parents, and send them in the right direction! Myself, and the rest of the support team at the different school reception areas, were also on hand to help with any parent questions - and to welcome new children to the school and their classrooms.

Classes are actually allocated at the end of the previous school year, so the children have already had an opportunity to meet their new teacher and classmates, which adds an extra level of comfort on their first day.

For our new FS1 students, we also arranged in-school play dates prior to the start of the school year so they were able to familiarise themselves with the classroom environment and meet their classmates. It’s also a great opportunity to connect parents, who exchange personal details so they can keep in touch with fellow parents in the lead-up to the new school year.

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Schools in Dubai: Kings’ Welcomes Students to New School Year

Parent-school communication is a year-round commitment for Kings'

Throughout the school year we run a number of different workshops for parents. These range from how to use our school communication systems to Arabic lessons, or maths and phonics workshops. We like to involve our parents as much as possible, and we know that many of our parents benefit from our regular workshops.

We know that new students joining us mid-term need a little extra support and we assign them a class buddy. This important role sees their buddy responsible for escorting them around the school campus, and making sure they are looked after; which helps put them at ease and make the transition less daunting.

In the first few weeks, there will also be a meeting between the class teacher and parents, for a general conversation about how their child is settling in; and this kind of open interactive dialogue is important for all new Kings’ students.

It’s definitely going to be an exciting school year, and not only for our children. Kings’ School Al Barsha has an active social calendar packed with plenty of exciting events from school balls and quiz nights to family waterpark trips.

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Schools in Dubai: Kings’ Welcomes Students to New School Year

Kings’ Education team’s top tips for (re)establishing a new school year routine

  • Routines get disrupted during summer holidays so put a regular bedtime back at the top of the priority list. It’s not just your child who needs regular zzzz’s, it’s you too!
  • Don’t be a do-it-all parent. Get your child used to getting up and out of bed on their own, packing their own bag, helping make their packed lunch and filling their own water bottle.
  • With homework back on the agenda, make sure your child has a dedicated area for this and give them ownership of the space.
  • Sit down with your child and take time to talk about their new class or school so you can gauge how they are settling back in and answer any queries or concerns.
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