Top 8 Books Kids Should Read This Summer |

Top 8 Books Kids Should Read This Summer

Fundamental to every child’s education, and a leisure time favorite for many students (and parents), reading stimulates the mind, helps develop language skills and fuels our imagination

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29 July 2018

Last updated on 29 July 2018
Kings' School Nad Al Sheba

The library facilities at all three Kings’ Schools may be closed for the summer holidays but local book stores have a wealth of children’s bestsellers to choose from - so go and pick up a great summer read!

Spoken or written, words are the building blocks of life, and Kings’ Schools has a number of successful programmes in place to encourage reading outside of the classroom.

The monthly Mystery Checkout lets students take home an age appropriate paper-wrapped book so they can discover new genres and authors they wouldn’t usually select, while the ReadIn7 initiative (aka DEAR – Drop Everything And Read) sees the entire school, including teachers, take time out from lessons to enjoy a seven-minute-long reading session.

We also regularly schedule events around World Book Day. Kings’ School Nad Al Sheba previously organised a Book Café experience where the library was transformed with a choice of book ‘menus’ covering Starters (5-7 years), Mains (7-9 years) and Desserts (9-11 years) - with the aim of introducing children to different genres.

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And throughout the year, the Accelerated Reader Quiz computer program is available for all students, and covers both fiction and non-fiction reads, with motivational certificates awarded for high scoring students.

Book swap days, reading (and writing) competitions and guided reading sessions round out Kings’ love of books and learning.

School may be out for summer, but long plane journeys and the prospect of oodles of free time can also include time curled up with a book, so here’s a few recommendations from the Kings’ team…

Great Summer Reads

1. Make and Play: Safari by Joey Chou

There are 20 safari animals to assemble in this fun and innovative activity book for little ones from lions, elephants to a baby hippopotamus. The press-out pieces are simply slotted together to create a bright safari scene after which you can sing an animal-related song together and have some crafting fun including a bendy monkey toy and recipe for animal themed cupcakes.
Age 2-5

2. Jellybeans for Giants by Adam and Charlotte Guillain

A delightful picture book, the rhyming story follows the story of George who plants a jellybean in his garden that grows into an enormous beanstalk, with what he hopes is a friendly giant at the top. Join him on his adventure up the beanstalk as he meets a magical pixie, a stinky troll and gets stuck in a sticky web
Age 3+

3. Magical Kingdom of Birds: Sleepy Hummingbirds by Anne Booth

Full of gorgeous illustrations, information on the birds that inspired the story and including a colouring page, this is a colourful tale in every respect. Maya is gifted a special colouring book that transports her to a magical place filled with magnificent birds and fairies. But the kingdom is in trouble as the evil Lord Astor has a plan to capture and cage the tiny hummingbirds – and only Maya can protect them.
Age 5-7

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4. Barry Loser is the best at football NOT! by Jim Smith

The 10th book in the series of the same name, and football fans of course, this is a laugh-a-minute tale. Everyone at Barry's school has gone football crazy, but when he gets thrown out of the team for being completely rubbish, he becomes the manager of his best friend, and super striker, Bunky.
Age 7-9

5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 12: The Getaway by Jeff Kinney

The latest hilarious offering in this bestselling series (and perfect for the holidays), sees Greg and his family head out of town to a tropical island resort, but sunstroke, stomach problems and venomous creatures all conspire to spoil their trip. Can they transform a vacation nightmare into a dream holiday after all?
Age 8+

6. Burning Maze (The Trials of Apollo, Book 3) by Rick Riordan

The third book in the second spin-off of the Percy Jackson series, this an action-packed fiction read is hot on mythology and history and centres around the villainous Medea and Caligula, a talking horse, and modern-day hero teen, Lester, who undertakes a series of dangerous trials through the labyrinth to free an Oracle.
Age 10+

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7. Dr Christian's Guide to Growing Up Online (Hashtag: Awkward) by Dr Christian Jessen

Growing up isn’t easy and with social media and the small screen part of daily life, UK TV personality and author Dr Christian tackles tricky questions about growing up in a digital world. From how to stay safe in an online environment, group chats and cyberbullying to binge-watching TV and your digital footprint, this is a great tool for kids and parents alike.
Age 9-11

8. You Are Awesome: Find Your Confidence and Dare to be Brilliant at (Almost) Anything by Matthew Syed

A positive and empowering book that aims to help children build resilience, fulfill their potential and become successful, happy, fantastic adults, this is Times journalist, two-time Olympian and bestselling mindset author Matthew Syed’s first children’s book. In it, he uses examples of successful people from Mozart to Serena Williams to demonstrate that success is earned rather than given, and that talent can be acquired through hard work, determination, practice and self-belief.
Age 9-13

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