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New Secondary School Fees at This Dubai School

Parents of SISD children will be pleased with the news

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9 January 2020

Last updated on 9 January 2020

SISD understands the significance of the investment that school fees represent.

Dubai's school fees are often a topic of great discussion amongst parents and families living here, but rarely is feedback taken into consideration.

This is not the case at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD). With the support of financial and academic stakeholders, SISD has made changes to their fees to help relieve the current economic pressure parents face when it comes to school fees.

For 2020, SISD is pleased to announce that they have meaningfully adjusted the impact of their Secondary School tuition fees in order to make them more affordable, even while guaranteeing the quality of our programmes.

This is not just a 'short-term measure' either, and for families re-enrolling in 2020 into Secondary School, a discount will be guaranteed for the remainder of your child's continuous school at SISD.

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To discuss how these changes may positively impact your child's school fees at SISD for Secondary School, simply press click to contact to get in touch with the SISD team directly for more information.

About SISD for parents

SISD provides an inspiring, inclusive and challenging learning environment while celebrating academic excellence. The school encourages and supports all of their students to become successful, global-minded, enthusiastic lifelong learners who will confidently take advantage of future opportunities and help make a difference.

Together with their teaching staff and parents, SISD supports their students to develop their potential fully in a motivating, multilingual and international learning environment.

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