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Swiss International Scientific School Dubai Fees: A Guide For Parents

One of the most important aspects when choosing a school is the structure of tuition fees

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16 January 2020

Last updated on 19 January 2020

Here's a helpful breakdown of the tuition fee framework for parents...

At Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai (SISD), students are uniquely privileged to learn the skills and aptitudes required to thrive in a perpetually changing world, as a fundamental part of their education.

The school's personalised International Baccalaureate (IB) education, the option of fully immersive bilingual programmes, and unrivaled campus and boarding facilities all work together to form a unique and impressive learning experience for students.

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For parents, one of the most important aspects when choosing a school is the structure of tuition fees, and the team at SISD recognise this. This is why, to help guide you in your choice, here is a complete guide and breakdown of the tuition fee framework at SISD.

How do you pay school fees at SISD?

You can see a full breakdown of SISD fees on their website.

The first fee you pay at SISD is the Assessment Fee, which is AED 525, due when your child takes the entrance exam.

Within 7 days of getting your child’s Offer Letter, you then pay a registration fee that depends on the Grade your child is entering. This registration fee reserves a place for your child and is deductible from your final tuition fee. The fee is non-refundable except in circumstances that are beyond your control, such as relocation.

After this, you may pay the re-enrolment fee to ensure that your child keeps their place.

Semester fees at SISD

Your child’s annual tuition can be paid upfront or in two installments of 50% each, which are due in the first semester and the second semester respectively.

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Typically, they are due on August 31 and January 31. These tuition fees include books, costs of exams, internal ASAs (upon availability) and Early Years Childcare as per availability, as well as inclusion measures as per guidelines.

Discounts and preferred dates

Don’t forget that discounts are available! SISD has just launched a discount to support secondary parents. You might also be entitled to sibling discounts as per their terms and conditions! Finally, SISD recommends you ask your employer whether they have a corporate rate agreement with the school.


Open to current SISD Students & New SISD Applicants – Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai seeks to encourage all-around educational excellence by providing merit scholarships to highly deserving day & boarding school students.

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For more information on their Grade 11/12 Scholarship programme click here. For questions on availability and other inquiries related to scholarships please contact our admissions department: [email protected].

Boarding fees

If you choose to enroll your child as a full boarding student, you can opt for boarding school fees, which include tuition, meals, activities and much more. This is of course more expensive, and additionally includes a deposit.

How do you apply for admission at SISD?

Getting started with SISD can be done online. You’ll need a list of important documents about yourself and your child, including your passports and your child’s passport, your child’s report cards, and any diagnostic tests and psychological assessments. The full list is on the SISD website.

Then, you’ll need to check the Year Guide to determine what year to apply your child in.

After this, you can apply online to SISD right from their website, where you’ll upload the documents in the list above.

For more information about admissions at SISD, or to speak to their team directly, simply press click to contact to get in touch!

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