Top 5 Advantages of Studying in Dubai |

Top 5 Advantages of Studying in Dubai

Why study in Dubai? We cover 5 benefits of schooling your child in the Emirate

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18 August 2022

Last updated on 19 August 2022
Top 5 Advantages of Studying in Dubai

If you’re planning an international move with children, schooling is a big question to consider.

Dubai is a city rich in culture, with a large expat community making it well equipped for the education of all different backgrounds and nationalities.

The UAE Ministry of Education is tasked with the accreditation of schools in Dubai while the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) focus on the growth and quality of private education within the city and inspects schools yearly, offering reports on both their strengths and how to improve. This had led to the private and international schooling in Dubai being rated as exceptional in the quality of education.

If you’re looking at the best international schooling options for your child or children, then Dubai should definitely be one of the tops in your considerations. And here’s why!

1.) Multi-cultural and diverse learning environment

Due to the diverse number of nationalities in Dubai, exposure to other cultures is part of everyday life making the market well equipped for intentional schools and their pupils.

Multiculturalism and diversity are two of the core elements of the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai (SISD). With over 75 nationalities, the school strives to provide an environment that is inspiring and inclusive.

Their diverse study body plays a large part in the international experience SISD offer. Alongside our challenging (but rewarding) academics, the school offers plenty of time for teamwork, fun, and human connection. The skills from this exposure during schooling years can set apart students when entering the professional work environment.

2.) Curriculum

The school curriculums in Dubai vary by school but take from the best schooling curriculums in the world.

There is a mix of English national, International Baccalaureate and American as the main ones, however, there are also Swiss, German, French and Indian giving plenty of options to parents when considering schools.

SISD is a top-tier International Baccalaureate (IB) school in Dubai with options for both day school and boarding school.

3.) Languages

With Dubai being such a diverse city, the opportunities for learning new languages are excellent.

Students at the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai can choose the bilingual program for their studies with excellent teaching in English, French and German language as well as the additional option to learn Arabic, Mandarin, and Spanish.

4.) Activities in and out of school

Dubai is a city filled with fun activities for all ages. From indoor ski slopes and theme parks to stunning beaches and water sports, there is something for everyone. The Swiss International Scientific School Dubai are big advocates of extracurricular activities.

Their Dubai campus features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, aerobics studios, a running track, an impressive size library and more. The school's extracurricular activities include gymnastics, robotics, sports and many more. The city also offers many options for off-campus activities that we highly encourage to all students.

5.) A well-connected city

Dubai is one of the most well-connected cities in the world. In the last 20 years, the city has drastically developed and taken advantage of its strategically important location between East and West. As a result, the number of flights in and out of the city daily is huge making it extremely easy to visit home for many international students or to travel to other areas of the world.

Even if you don’t fancy taking a flight, the six other emirates are easy to explore from Dubai.

These are just some components that make Dubai a perfect city to choose for an international school. The Swiss International Scientific School Dubai offer many opportunities to students making it one of the best schools in the UAE.

If you’re interested in Dubai as an option for your child’s schooling, then get in touch with their admissions team today.

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