Top 5 Myths About Boarding Schools Debunked |

Top 5 Myths About Boarding Schools Debunked

We look at five highly common misconceptions and myths about sending your child to boarding school

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23 November 2021

Last updated on 5 December 2021
What are some common boarding school myths?

Debunking the top five common myths about sending your child to boarding school.

There are a number of common myths about what boarding schools are all about, how they operate, what kind of students they take, and the type of environment they provide to students.

All boarding schools across the globe are different. The environment, education, and culture of boarding schools vary by their curricula, religious focus (if any), location, traditions, heritage, customs, and the values of the school.

Due to misconceptions about boarding schools in the media, rumours, or other myths, some parents are reluctant to send their child to one. But the reality is much different, and in this article, we'll be debunking some common myths about boarding schools so you know what to expect.

To help families understand the facts behind these myths, and assist them in making the right choice for their child's education, we've compiled the list below.

Myth #1: Families with problems send their kids to boarding schools.

It's a common myth that parents send their child to boarding school because of problems at home, or the student has learning or behaviourial problems. But this is far from true.

Boarding schools provide children with accommodations and meals during the school week. Whether it's a public or private boarding school, students receive ideal academic and social education. It also enhances their extracurricular life.

Boarding school myths debunked

Boarding schools are ideal for busy parents who work or travel and aren't able to spend much time with their child during the week.

Boarding schools provide the benefits of adult mentorship, in addition to teachers and peers. On top of time management and study skills, students also develop other independence skills that they may not have the chance to gain if they were living at home.

Children and parents are not separated at boarding schools. In fact, regular family get-togethers are encouraged and welcomed. It's an essential part of maintaining healthy parent-child relationships. Parents are encouraged to attend their child's sports games, performances, take them out for the day, or visit the school campus.

Myth #2: TV shows and movies are a representation of how boarding schools are really like.

It is well known that the news looks for stories that will capture people’s attention. This means they may report on negative activities at certain boarding schools rather than on the positive benefits of them.

It is important to avoid only looking at the media, TV or movie portrayal of boarding schools. Instead, parents should visit the boarding school campus and conduct their own research.

This can be done by talking to faculty, teachers, students and parents and by observing classes and activities, if possible. Consider all aspects of a new school your child might attend, even if it wasn’t a boarding school. You want a place where the culture, activities, and level of challenge is appropriate for your child.

Your child should also visit campuses to see for themselves what the atmosphere is like at a boarding school.

Common myths about boarding school debunked

Myth #3: Boarding schools do not give adequate adult supervision over children.

Another common myth about boarding schools is that they lack the same amount of adult supervision than if the child was living with family.

Students who go to boarding school actually receive more adult supervision throughout the day.

On the contrary, students have more adult supervision at all times of the day at boarding schools. Boarding schools maintain busy schedules with less opportunity for unsupervised free time. Teachers are with students during the day, and others supervise them after school hours if they’re involved in extracurricular programs. All of which which is common for most students at boarding schools.

In the evenings, boarding school study rooms, communal areas, and bedroom corridors are supervised by adults.

Myth #4: My child is guaranteed acceptance into a boarding school through sports.

There is a misconception that acceptance into a boarding school is guaranteed if the sports coaches are interested in the child's athletic skills or potential.

The truth is that boarding schools are competitive and while they seek strong student candidates, ultimately it's the school's admissions office that has the final say on acceptance, not the teachers or coaches.

What are some popular myths about going to boarding school

Myth #5: If a child goes to boarding school, they are guaranteed a good college placement.

The name of the high school your child attends has little effect on where they will go to college. Rather, college admissions departments want to see well rounded students.

This means performing well academically and an involvement in other activities in, or outside, of school. In the end, this is what makes them stand out among other students.

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