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What Are the Benefits of Weekly and Flexi Boarding Schools in Dubai?

Get the best of both worlds for your child and yourself with weekly or flexi boarding school options in Dubai

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10 November 2022

Last updated on 14 November 2022
Weekly and flexi boarding schools in Dubai

There are many advantages to attending a boarding school in Dubai.

You may look at boarding as months away from home if you live far away or wish for your children to get a regular school experience.

But boarding can actually be more flexible than that. At the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai, one of the world's top 100 private schools, they offer a few boarding options.
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Full boarding is the traditional option where students spend the whole semester on campus and only return home for the holidays.

This is a good option if you live far away from the school, or you wish to provide your child to have the full boarding experience. Flexi boarding is also an option that parents can choose from. Our final option that is growing in popularity is weekly boarding.

What is weekly boarding?

Weekly boarding is when a student stays in the boarding house from Monday to Friday. They leave school on Friday evening or Saturday morning and return on either a Sunday evening or Monday morning.

This option is great for students whose parents may not be in the country during the week, travel a lot for work, or work long hours. This is also a good option for students who live far from school to avoid having a long commute during the morning and evenings.

Weekly boarding students have access to all the same facilities as the full boarders, with the same options and support, the only difference is that they head home during the weekends whereas full boarders also stay during Saturdays and Sundays.

Weekly private boarding schools in Dubai

What are the benefits of weekly boarding?

Boarding school can truly mean having a home away from home. Living so close to school means that there is no time wasted in transportation and students have more time to unwind, relax and focus on their studies or hobbies.

With the Swiss International Scientific School Dubai's specially designed boarding houses with comfort at the forefront, there’s always somewhere to focus and concentrate on school studies without distractions. Weekly boarding has the fantastic benefits of fostering independence at a younger age, but with the support of family at the weekend. During the week, SISD's specialist tutors are available to assist with homework in the evenings, making it easier to complete assigned work after school with the support of qualified educators.

Weekly boarding is especially an asset during exam periods as students benefit greatly from having a quiet, studious environment which has a positive impact on results. Students can spend the week focusing on upcoming exams and studies with the help of tutors and peers and spend the weekends unwinding and having a little space from school and schoolwork. This gives the perfect school/home life balance.

As well as SISD's exceptionally comfortable boarding houses, they have state-of-the-art sports and leisure facilities for all the weekly students to use.

Flexi boarding schools in Dubai

Weekly boarding schools in Dubai

The Swiss International Scientific School Dubai have several world-class sporting and leisure facilities.

Students can use these facilities in the evening activity time of their daily schedule. Students can swim in SISD's Olympic-sized swimming pool. The school also offers the use of the natural grass football pitch with their afterschool clubs and activities. In addition, they also have a full-sized gym, that includes a weight room and cardio room.

For those who are more creative, SISD has two dance studios and a music room for use after school.

Swiss International Scientific School Dubai boarding school

Full pastoral care

Just like SISD's full boarding students at their private school, weekly boarding students receive full pastoral care. A team of highly qualified and experienced boarding staff are available to make sure all the student boarders feel safe happy and well-integrated.

There are staff on hand 24 hours a day who live alongside the boarders to give them advice and support when needed. All boarders have a structured routine to allow the most out of the student’s time, with supervised homework sessions with tutors.

Whether you’re looking at full boarding, or which to place your child in weekly boarding, boarding at SISD is highly beneficial to all students. It sets students up to live independently as well as creates an environment that supports and encourages academic success as well as nurtures and develops students’ social awareness.

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