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7 Questions to Ask Before Applying for a Dubai University

Are you an expat living in Dubai who is looking to study? Or do you have a son or daughter who is exploring their university options?

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30 November 2020

Last updated on 16 December 2020

Did you know students won't have to wait until September 2021 to start their studies?

In a normal year, high school students and parents in Dubai would typically be weighing their university options and, if they're able to, visit each campus they are seriously considering to enroll in... But it's not a normal year.

Trying to choose the right university is not an easy task already, and coupled with so many unknowns about what is going to take place in the coming academic years, including how a post-Covid job market may look, it brings even more concerns for parents and students.

As a result, these times have led many Dubai-based families and students to reconsider their initial plans of studying abroad and explore options closer to home without having to compromise on the quality of education they receive.

So whether you or your student is considering pursuing higher education in Dubai, we've put together our seven top tips for choosing the best university in Dubai to help you and your child make an informed decision this 2021 academic year.

1. What is the university's reputation?

A very practical consideration for students and working professionals would be a Dubai university which offers a quality degree.

International institutions providing a globally recognised degree will open up fantastic post-university opportunities for you or your student, while also benefiting from all of the advantages of living and studying in the safe, exciting and cosmopolitan city of Dubai.

With this in mind, a UK degree in Dubai may be a good choice if you’re looking to provide your son or daughter with the best chances in increasing their profile within the global job market.

It's not just lip service. If recognised by government bodies, for example the quality UK degrees offered at the 5-star rated Middlesex University Dubai, they’re proof that a certain standard has been achieved by the institution.

2. What is your ideal life/study balance?

Understand your personal life/work priorities and how you or your son/daughter would like to strike a realistic balance with your university life.

Attending a university in Dubai is not just about spending your time studying and taking classes. Preparing for future employment, getting involved in networking, the student community or university clubs is all part of the amazing journey that makes up college life.

The same applies to professional women who may be looking to enhance their career and progression, and are interested in pursuing postgraduate programmes in Dubai .

Flexibility is key.

You can see this in Middlesex University Dubai's 'Think Smart. Study Different' model, which offers students the option to study either online or through a mixture of face-to-face and online classes. You'll find rigorous health and safety measures implemented across campus and state-of-the-art technology used for online learning such as MS teams.

Look at the course's content to understand the learning options of the programme, and try to ask students and staff on virtual or in-person open days.

3. Do you want to 'fast track' your education?

What do we mean by 'fast track'?

Some UK degree universities in Dubai allow students to 'fast track' their education, such as beginning the first level of their studies in January 2021 and progressing to the next level in September 2021 – meaning no time is wasted.

Students don’t have to wait until September 2021 to start their studies! Middlesex University Dubai's January 2021 intake is just around the corner.

By way of example, your child can choose to study their International Foundation Programme in January and progress to their chosen undergraduate programme in September 2021.

Alternatively, students who start an undergraduate programme in January 2021 can progress to the second year of their programme in September 2021.

Not all British universities in Dubai offer the opportunity to fast track studies. It's important for both parent and child to explore and understand what study options are available for university students.

4. What are your tuition cost expectations?

Before you narrow down your options, you may wonder how much are the fees for Dubai universities? For most parents, finances are a major deciding factor when helping their child pick the best university to study at in Dubai.

Choosing an institution that won't just support students for the now, but for a successful future career as well, will allow you to feel confident in knowing that you've made an informed financial investment.

Most top universities in Dubai provide Foundation, Undergraduate and Postgraduate students financial support throughout their studies by offering flexible payment plans, the chance to receive scholarships and grants, and the option to work while studying.

5. What support is available for students with unique learning needs?

Does the university have a dedicated space where students can seek advice and academic support from the school's staff and counsellors?

Every student has a different approach to learning. You would want to entrust your son or daughter in an inclusive educational institution, to ensure they receive the learning support, workshops, and guidance they need if and when they need it from the time they enroll at the university, right up to their graduation.

Middlesex University Dubai's Centre for Academic Success (CAS) provides confidential 1:1 support , learning disability assistance, pre-sessional Digital Literacy, welfare support for students under 18 years old, and even workshops for academic skills.

6. What is the student experience like at this university?

While the main goal is to get a degree, your social and community life is also another way of making the most out of your university experience in Dubai; and the university experience is different for everyone.

Along with taking advantage of the numerous learning and professional opportunities that are now accessible to you, you can enrich your student life by getting involved in university social clubs, recreational activities, sports, magazines, the student council, and events.

Whatever your ability, interests, or experience may be, you would want to join a university in Dubai that offers something for everyone, from dance and music groups to culinary and poetry social clubs.

7. Will it be possible to transfer abroad or to other universities?

The long year has reminded us all that the world is ever-changing and the job market is getting increasingly competitive. Potential employers seek innovative graduates with a strong international foundation - students who are capable of adapting to a global industry.

One of the biggest opportunities of studying at a leading UK university in Dubai are their options to transfer your studies to London or other branch campuses.

This can further enhance a student's employability, as your child can learn from and work with peers and teachers from varying professional backgrounds, worldviews, and approaches.

Look for undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered at UK universities in Dubai that are recognised by leading professional bodies worldwide, such as The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), the British Psychological Society (BPS), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), and more.

If your children may have been looking to study at a university overseas, but are now exploring local options, look no further than Middlesex University Dubai for a world-class quality education.

Everything from their learning model and top-tier digital platforms, to their committed staff and rigorous safety standards, are all to ensure your child's learning will not be compromised and he or she will receive the same Quality UK Degree from London.

To speak to a university admissions officer, simply call the number below or press 'Click to Contact'.

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