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15 Amazing Facts About Dubai That Every Resident MUST Know

Here are 15 amazing facts about the city that you call home

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22 October 2018

Last updated on 22 October 2018
Photo by Tim Roßkamp on Unsplash

For those of us who are lucky to call Dubai their home, here are 15 interesting facts to know about this amazing city

Dubai may not be the UAE’s capital city, but it still receives just as much worldwide recognition for being one out of seven marvellous cities in the UAE.

From man-made islands, huge skyscrapers, indoor snow parks and more, Dubai will never seize to amaze those who are lucky enough to call this city their home.

And for those who don’t live here, it’s just a matter of time before they fall in love and decide to make the international or local move to the UAE’s beloved metropolitan city.

This probably explains why Dubai is so popular among foreigners, as it was voted to have the highest expat population in the world – 83% of the population that live in the city are foreign-based.

Not to mention, residents just love the ease that comes with living here – taxis all around, 24/7 delivery, easy public transportation, endless dining options and more!

So here are 15 amazing facts that may be the reason behind why lots of expats are proud to call Dubai their home.

Photo by Daniel Zacatenco on Unsplash