Peacocks Have Been Spotted On The Streets Of Dubai |

Peacocks Have Been Spotted On The Streets Of Dubai

These majestic birds were spotted roaming around the streets of Dubai and it's not the first time...

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22 October 2018

Last updated on 22 October 2018
Peacocks in Dubai

For those who thought that living in Dubai comes with no surprises, you’re oh so mistaken

As thousands of commuters made their way to work on Monday morning, two peacocks also joined in on the action.

Seen roaming around the streets of Dubai and crossing roads, two peacocks were seen strolling and exploring Dubai’s roads.

The beautiful and majestic multi-coloured birds would grab your attention in an animal conservation, but would definitely make you stop if seen on the streets of Dubai – and this is exactly what happened.

Dubai residents took to social media to show these brightly feathered birds as they walked near Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel.

Unaware of their surroundings, the birds are walking on the pedestrian pathways and crossing roads as they explore the roads near Sheikh Zayed Road.

Thankfully, however, motorists and vehicles have been making efforts to stop and allow the birds to cross the streets without any unfavourable incidents.

Not the first instance

Not a new encounter of peacocks on the roads of Dubai – these majestic creatures are allowed to freely manoeuvre around certain areas in the city.

Especially around the business district of Jumeirah Emirates Towers…because who doesn’t want to be work during business hours and interact with peacocks during lunch breaks.

And Dubai residents never seem to get enough of snapping their encounter with them on the roads – wherever they may be.

Screengrab: IG by shobhasrinath

And since the peacocks are put in area to enjoy their adventures on the roads of Dubai – authorities have placed warning signs to remind motorists of their speeds when driving through these areas.