UAE Temperatures to Begin Reducing from the End of August |

UAE Temperatures to Begin Reducing from the End of August

The end of ridiculously high temperatures is in sight, with the arrival of the Suhail star

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12 August 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
Summer Temperatures in Dubai and UAE

The appearance of the Suhail star – a.k.a Lambda Velorum – means that the UAE’s weather will begin to change towards the end of August.

News that temperatures and humidity will begin to decline in the UAE towards the end of August is no doubt music to your ears.

According to astronomers, the UAE’s weather will begin to turn on August 24th, thanks to the arrival of the Suhail star (in Arabic) or the Lambda Velorum in the sky.

The star is the third-brightest star in the constellation, and is one of the brighter stars in the sky, explains Gulf News.

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Ebrahim Al Jarwan, General Supervisor of Sharjah Planetarium, told Gulf News that the appearance of the Suhail star in the constellation Vela at the end of the month means that summer will be drawing to a close.

Dubai residents will be able to view the star from August 24th, until it reaches its highest altitude of 12 degrees above the southern horizon by the end of December.

Like the cooler temperatures in the UAE associated with the Suhail star, so too are the increased summer temperatures, which are associated with the star Mirzam from July 29th until August 11th.

According to AccuWeather, temperatures towards the end of August and early September will continue to fluctuate around the early 40°C mark, until finally reducing throughout the month of September.

By October, Dubai residents can expect to enjoy lower temperatures with highs of 33°C and lows of 21°C.

Why is the Suhail star important?

The CEO of the Dubai Astronomy Group, Hasan Al Harriri, told Khaleej Times that the Suhail star has been used by different groups over several eras as a way to mark the calendar in the Arab world.

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Its arrival helps astrologists to observe the changes in weather, as it is a sign that summer is about to end.

“The Suhail is a star Arabs have marked as a sign of change in weather,” he explains.

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