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Waiting Time At DXB International Airport Is Getting Less And Less By Day Thanks To This

Even when passengers are increasing every day…

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6 January 2019

Last updated on 6 January 2019
DXB International Airport

Somehow this Dubai-based airport does it again

Dubai International Airport was voted to be one of the world’s busiest airports in 2018 and it’s a good way to start the New Year.

With 2019 hoping to attract just as many tourists (and more by Expo 2020), DXB International Airport is gearing up its facilities and procedures to prep for the vast number of tourists.

And as passengers increase year by year, the wait time in at the Dubai Airport seems to decrease respectively.

According to a study released on Sunday, travellers at DXB airport are spending less time than they did in November – the waiting time has been reduced by 45%.

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This waiting time reduction is thanks to the service efficiency of airport employees and state-of-the-art operational machines, which help get real-time information that speeds up the arrival and departure process.

Smart gates, expansions, AI backed systems have all helped speed up the movement of travellers at the DXB International Airport’s immigration checks.

If you’re wondering how many passengers this Dubai-based airport has on a monthly bases – it had 6.9 million passengers in November 2018 alone.

DXB International Airport also welcomed its 1 billionth passengers in December of 2018, which was a nine-year-old boy, called Arjun, who was flying in from the United States and was chosen at random on board an Emirates flight.

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With a surprise celebratory event dedicated to welcoming the lucky passengers, Arjun and his family also got the best VIP treatment and tour of everything that Dubai has to offer.

And in one year’s time, there have been more than 300,000 flights to take off and land at the Dubai airport.

While the number of bags in October was close to 5.8 million baggage and cargo.

Top tourists

If you’re also wondering which nationalities dominated the tourism charts of Dubai, the following countries were close to each other:

  • India – with 1,032,662 passengers in
  • Saudi Arabia – 509,446 passengers
  • UK – 466,459 passengers
  • US – 235,532 passengers
  • China – 180, 466 passengers

As for top cities with most customers from DXB International airport:

  • London – 275,141 customers
  • Mumbai – 221,812 customers
  • New Delhi – 183, 680 customers

North America, Eastern Europe and Africa also followed suit with an increase in customers to and from the Dubai airport.

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In November alone, there was a total of 33,031 flights while the total number of flights to and from the DXB International Airport in 2018 was 373, 229 flights.

Baggage and cargo

237,059 tonnes of cargo was handled in November in comparison to 2,407,050 tonnes in 2018.