Discover the Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai |

Discover the Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai

Renew and rejuvenate this month amazing beauty discounts on various cosmetic procedures at Aesthetica

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28 February 2019

Last updated on 2 September 2019
Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai

Enjoy these flash offers from Aesthetica Clinic and look your best in no time!

Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai has a specialized focus on offering facial beauty enhancements and body contours improvements with minimally invasive procedures like lasers, energy-based treatments, botox and fillers.

Since it's establishment, it has evolved to include all aspects of aesthetic and and anti-aging medicine, which includes specialties such as preventative and regenerative medicine, plastic surgery, hair transplantation and weight management.

Read on to find out their latest beauty offers in Dubai...

Offer: Body Contouring

Body contouring is a highly sought after procedure for patients who are looking to smoothen the appearance of cellulite, reduce the circumference and tighten loose skin, which is caused by excessive weight loss.

Experts at Aesthetica Clinic will help customize a body contouring plan, which will include fat reduction and body reshaping treatments tailored to your needs. The treatments are safe, effective, with no downtime and are suitable for all skin types.

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Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai

Offer 2: Infusion Therapy and Skin Rejuvenation

Aging, lifestyle factors and hormonal changes, all can have an adverse effect on skin texture, skin pigmentation and can result in sun spots, age spots, open pores and appearance.

A combination of infusion therapy and skin rejuvenation procedures can help you achieve a glow from inside and out. Aesthetica will prepare a combination of treatments based on your needs with their exclusive aesthetic and anti-aging procedures.

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Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai

Offer 3: Laser Hair Removal

The age old issue of wanting smooth, hair free skin is always a topic of concern for women around the world. Laser hair removal offers an effective way of getting rid of excessive hair with almost no pain and a minimum downtime.

Aesthetica offers Soprano ICE, which is a groundbreaking technology that offers a simple, one-stop solution for effective hair removal. The Soprano ICE works on all skin tones and all hair thickness. They achieve maximum results for all areas of the body.

Best Beauty Offers at Aesthetica Clinic in Dubai
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