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Experiencing Thinning Hair or Hair Loss? Let These Treatments Rescue Your Locks

Treat thinning hair or hair loss in Dubai with these solutions, advised by professionals at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre

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25 April 2024

Last updated on 26 April 2024
Thinning hair treatments in Dubai | Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai

Are you seeing your hair part getting wider or your ponytail thinning?

You might have female pattern hair loss (FPHL), which is common in women. It usually starts in midlife, around your 40s to 60s, but it can happen earlier.

FPHL gets worse over time. The hair loss continues, but unlike men, women don't usually lose all their hair. Instead, the part widens, and hair near the temples may recede. Treatment can prevent it from getting worse and may help regrow hair if started early.

To know if it's FPHL, we recommend consulting a dermatologist. Experts can diagnose and treat hair loss. FPHL is hereditary and may involve hormonal changes after menopause.

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre shared with us some of the best options for thinning hair and hair loss in Dubai.

Treatments in Dubai for Female Pattern Hair Loss

If you are experiencing thinning hair or patterns of hair loss, there are several solutions available in Dubai.

Treatment options for female pattern hair loss include the following.


Previously, Minoxidil is a treatment for hair loss that used to be only for men, but now women can use it too.

Minoxidil in Dubai for hair loss and thinning hair treatment

The FDA approves it, which has different strengths (2% or 5%). You can apply Minoxidil to your scalp once or twice a day, depending on the product.

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, you should avoid minoxidil.

One common side effect is an irritated scalp, which can cause dryness, itching, and redness. If this happens, stop using minoxidil and see a dermatologist.

Sometimes, minoxidil can cause hair to grow in other places on your body, like your face. To avoid this, try only applying it to your scalp and washing your face afterward.

It takes time to see results with minoxidil, usually around 6 to 12 months. You have to keep using it every day for it to work. If you stop, you might lose the benefits and notice your hair thinning again.

Prescription Medications:

Prescription medications help women with female pattern hair loss by promoting hair growth and preventing further loss.

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai | Hair loss treatments

Although these medications are FDA-approved for other conditions, dermatologists may prescribe them off-label for FPHL treatment. Medications for hair loss come in pill form.


Spironolactone is a common pill for hair loss in women. It helps hair grow back and prevents further loss. Before starting, we strongly advise informing your doctor about any health issues and medications.

Other options include finasteride, flutamide, or dutasteride. Ask about side effects. It takes 6 to 12 months to see results; if there's no improvement after a year, it may not work for you.

Stopping the medication may cause hair loss in about three to four months. Pregnant women should avoid these medicines.

Hair Transplants:

Hair transplants have been used to help men with hair loss, and some women with female pattern hair loss can also consider it.

Hair transplants in Dubai have improved a lot. Before, they didn't always look natural, but now most do.


The FDA approves using lasers and helmets to treat hair loss. These tools send a gentle Diode Laser Light that encourages new hair growth. As with minoxidil and prescription medicines, you must continue using an at-home laser device to see results.

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy platelets from your blood might help with female-pattern hair loss. Here's how it works: your blood is drawn, then separated into different parts using a machine. The platelets, a type of blood cell, are treated and injected into your scalp.

Stem cells can help treat female pattern hair loss, however, more research is needed to ensure that stem cells are safe and effective.


Some vitamins and minerals, such as biotin and folic acid, are thought to make hair thicker. But in about 30% of cases, these supplements didn't seem to help much.

However, in one study, 120 healthy women took a mix of omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids, and antioxidants for six months. After that, they had thicker hair and lost less of it. If more studies show the same results, it could mean these supplements really do work for hair growth.

Before trying any hair growth supplements, it's best to talk to a dermatologist. They can tell you if there's good evidence that a supplement can help your hair grow back and if it's safe to take.

Female hair loss treatments at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre Dubai

Hair Loss Shampoos:

Hair loss shampoos usually do one of two things:

  1. They help your hair retain moisture, making it appear fuller and thicker.
  2. They reduce breakage, which can decrease thinning.

However, while these shampoos can improve the appearance and health of your hair, they can't grow new hair or stop hair loss from getting worse. Please see a dermatologist for a diagnosis before treating hair loss.

How does a dermatologist diagnose hair loss?

It is highly recommended to see dermatologist for a diagnosis before treating hair loss in Dubai.

  1. The dermatologist requests a blood test to confirm if you have Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) and rule out other causes of hair loss.
  2. Start treatment early for the best results when you notice hair loss.
  3. Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are often not recommended as a treatment for thin, thin hair and hair loss.

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