Review: Forever Young BBL & Intracel Treatment at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom in Dubai |

Review: Forever Young BBL & Intracel Treatment at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom in Dubai

EW's Donna gives her final verdict on the Forever Young BBL & Intracel! Did she achieve younger skin? Read on to find out!

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10 December 2017

Last updated on 12 February 2020
Review: Forever Young BBL & Intracel Treatment at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom

I have come to the end of my epic face transformation at the Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Clinic in Dubai and the results from my treatment are outstanding!

I arrived at the clinic with terrible acne caused by too much make up combined with hair removal; in addition owing to the sun, the crow’s feet started to appear around my delicate eye area and I had been cursed with enlarged pores particularly besides my nose. With the expert care and treatment that I received I am now confident with my skin and am very happy to go makeup free.

The Forever Young BBL non-surgical laser treatment was performed on my face around my eyes and also on my neck. Effectively ironing out the creases! I found this to be a non-intrusive procedure and was completely painless. The treatment did not take long, the laser was smoothed over the skin until it reached a temperature of 37-40 degrees Celsius. At this point they removed the laser briefly so that it could cool down before moving to another area and this was repeated a number of times.

There was absolutely no irritation to my skin and no downtime from the treatment which made me feel like this was an essential part of my skin healthcare, to prevent the unwanted effects of ageing.

For me personally it was to target the wrinkles around my face and on my neck but there are also other benefits that can be achieved from using the BBL Forever Young treatments.

I have been receiving Intracel simultaneously with the BBL Forever Young treatments for many months, 4 sessions in total with a mandatory rest period in between each session.

Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Clinic, Al Wasl, Dubai

I was not familiar with this kind of work but now I can confirm that the Intracel was the most pleasing of treatments because I found that my scars from my spots are now completely dissolved and the pores around my nose and on my cheeks are now almost invisible.

Since receiving the treatment I have also noticed a reduction in hair on my face, something that has plagued me for many years.

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The only minor drawback from the treatment is that you will need some down time afterwards because the affected area will be red and due to the nature of the treatment it is not wise to go in the sun afterwards as there may be a skin reaction.

However I strongly concur that this is worth the investment since the positive effects are permanent.

I was made to feel very comfortable on all of the occasions when I underwent these therapies in the clean and comfortable surroundings at the clinic, I particularly liked having the television to watch as there were times that I was required to wait for the numbing cream to activate. 

Everybody was very welcoming and extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields. It was very easy to make the appointments and they were very flexible to meet my needs.

While there is patient parking outside the clinic, depending on the time of your appointment it may be in use, there are plenty of parking space on the street.

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