Review: Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Centre in Dubai |

Review: Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Centre in Dubai

EW's Donna tried out the Forever Young BBL treatment at Dr. Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre in Dubai.

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28 February 2017

Last updated on 12 February 2020
Review: Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
EW's Donna recently had the chance to vist Dr. Kamil Rustom's clinic and was amazed at the consultation and treatment she received. Read below an account of her experience...

It is extraordinary to learn that after two years of living in Dubai, my delicate face had become extremely fragile with discolouration of the skin, scaring, persistent pimples, blackheads and ingrowing hairs. Even more worrying still is that I was completely blind to this fact! That is of course until I was treated to do a review of the Dr Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre.

My review was for the Forever Young BBL and Intracel treatments but the consultation for the treatments led me to discover the poor condition of my skin. It here that I started my journey to looking as young and beautiful as I felt on the inside!

Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL at Dr. Kamil Rusto

Situated in the desirable are of Al Wasl Road the clinic was very easy to find and parking was a breeze which was such a relief! Slightly late I am ashamed to admit I did hit some rush hour traffic but the welcome was warm and forgiving when I arrived. Spacious and clean, I felt confident by my surrounding that this clinic meant business and was the real thing. I met the wonderful Karen Estrada who led me through the procedures of completing the detailed medical forms which showed the extent of the level of care that they go to ensure the wellbeing of their clients. There is of course a women’s only waiting area since the clinic serves all ages and genders so they take care to ensure the comfort of everyone.
Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
Pre treatment tester on Day 1
I went to the clinic to sample the Forever Young Range BBL treatment which reduces pigmentation and discoloration of the skin, and also Intracel which targets wrinkles, large pores, and skin texture to name a few results, by promoting cell rejuvenation. However, my story of my Forever Young treatment would not be a straight forward as I had planned as I was not expecting to meet with a highly qualified and regarded dermatologist who would demonstrate such a level of care:

It was Dr Kamil Al Rustom who advised me of the poor condition of my skin which prevented me from having the treatment at that time, he prescribed me some treatment to start the process of clearing my skin which was a shock to me as I have mentioned that I had not before observed the infections laying in plain sight! It was necessary to eliminate the infections before the treatment could start to prevent this spreading.

Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
Day 1 after consultation
Owing to the 365 days of sunshine that I am blessed with having moved to Dubai, it now became apparent that the skin on my face has deteriorated; I had developed deeper wrinkles around my eyes from the added squinting and my pores have opened more and thus become quite blocked with sand, dust, foundation, pressed powder, bb creams, cc creams, sunscreen, you name it and I probably have plastered it on my dear face! Also as my hair grows a lot more here in Dubai, I have notice an increase in facial hair which I have tried to counteract by regular threading and waxing.

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This in turn has caused irritation of my skin cells which has resulted in spots! With little knowledge of the best course of action for my skin I would use harsh facial scrubs to remove the blocked pores but this aggravated the skins cells more! I would use creams to address the aggravated skin and then cover over the spots and scars with more make up! The routine is vicious and fought by many.

Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
Day 7 facial after consultation
Having never experienced any kind of facial treatment the idea of using laser treatment on my face was terrifying to say the least as I was scared of the side effects and generally of the unknown. During my first visit I was given a wealth of information about how the laser worked and I was even given the chance to sample them which put my mind at rest. I felt relieved to feel the BBL laser treatment which worked on a temperature basis, once the temperature reached 40 degrees it was finished.  Also the Intracel treatment I learned uses RF energy to rejuvenate skin cells, reducing pores and scars and aiding skin tightening, this would be perfect for me!
Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
Day 10 after consultation and a facial

However as advised, I needed to undergo an antibiotic course and complete a cleansing regime with prescribed cleanser a for at least 14 days to clear infected pores on my face as there was a risk of the infection spreading. After one week I returned to the clinic for a deep cleansing facial to assist with the cleansing of the pores which will in turn aid the effect of the Forever Young therapies. As usual the parking was effortless and the greeting was welcoming.

I had become quite friendly with the nurses at  this stage  and felt very comfortable in their company while undergoing this intimate medical facial; in a clean and gentle room with beautifully soothing music playing I noted how relaxed I felt in clinic. I was honored to have the opportunity to engage with the Forever Young therapies.

Pre Treatment Forever Young BBL
Day 16 - Visibly better skin!
In anticipation and excitement mixed with shame and embarrassment I decided at the start of my story to take a picture of my face on a weekly basis so that I could document the progress visually. While I am still waiting to undergo the actual Forever Young BBL treatment and the Intracel treatment I wanted to share the improvement of my skin which happened in just a matter of two weeks with the extensive care from the wonderfully professional staff at the Dr Kamil Al Rustom Skin and Laser Centre.

Check back in a week to find out how I get along with the procedures!

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