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Tummy Tuck in Dubai: Types, Procedure and Results

Learn more about the tummy tuck procedure, performed successfully at Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

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13 June 2018

Last updated on 23 July 2018
Tummy Tuck in Dubai | Dr. Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

On top of the effects of the years and of gravity, come the effects of pregnancy that will lead to a flabby tummy after delivery.

Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle through adequate diet and exercise is always encouraged, neither can help tighten the loose skin.

Here, an abdominoplasty, commonly known as tummy tuck, stands out as the solution.

Liposuction here can be added but is not the main procedure. Liposuction only reduces excess fat but can’t tighten loose skin.

Tummy tuck will help remove the lower abdominal stretch marks which are a common sequelae to pregnancy; those above the belly button, however, can’t be removed.

The procedure consists of removing the skin and fat between the belly button and the pubic region, tightening the abdominal muscle underneath, repositioning the belly button after closing the wound by pulling down on the skin at the belly button level down and stitching it to the pubic area skin. The resulting scar will follow the natural skin crease along the bikini line.

Sometimes, the problem is limited to the lower abdominal area only with no need of belly button repositioning and tightening of the area above. In this case, a shorter scar mini-tummy tuck is due.

Tummy tucks are done under general anesthesia, take 3-4 hours of surgery time and 2 days of hospital stay. One to two weeks are needed for full recovery and to resume work.

Complications like infection, hematoma (collection of blood under the skin), a seroma (collection of fluid under the skin) may occur, however, when your operation is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the procedure as well as your recovery will be uneventful. Satisfaction level after tummy tucks is usually high. Ladies regain what they used to have just before giving birth, a tight and flat tummy.

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