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5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai

Today Cosmetic Surgery continues to develop, improve, and indeed become generally more accessible to a greater percentage of the population, with life-changing results that many benefit from. However, having “Elective” cosmetic surgery is a big decision which should NOT be taken lightly.

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14 February 2018

Last updated on 7 November 2019
5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Cosmetic Surgery

In spite of the ever-increasing number of cosmetic surgeries carried out each year, the decision to actually proceed with surgery is very personal to you and you owe it to yourself to not take this decision lightly and not be unduly swayed by the opinions of others or by holding unrealistic expectations. The decision should be yours, and yours alone; and this should be founded upon appropriate advice from a highly experienced plastic surgeon.

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Harley street London and Dubai Healthcare City, Consultant Plastic, Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Allen Rezai, shares his opinion on 5 things you should know before getting Cosmetic Surgery. Having more information, knowing your reasons and having a clear expectation about what’s next, will help you make an informed decision.

1. Having Cosmetic Surgery for The Right Reasons

Having Cosmetic Surgery for The Right Reasons

Many times, people seek cosmetic surgery for “the right” reasons, however sometimes, People might want to have cosmetic surgery to solve life problems, or during disruptive times in their lives when they feel bad about themselves – for example, during divorce. These are not good reasons to have surgery.

Instead you should ask yourself

  • How long have I thought about this surgery?
  • Did anything specific set off this desire?
  • What is my current life situation?
  • Why am I thinking about surgery now?
  • Are there other ways I can achieve the results I want?
  • Am I expecting the surgery to change my life as well as my appearance?
  • Am I considering cosmetic surgery for myself or to please someone else?
  • Am I expecting the surgery to improve my relationship?
  • Am I expecting surgery to improve my social skills or job prospects?
  • Can surgery really give me the look I want?
  • You should bear in mind that there are as many, if not more, arguments against undergoing cosmetic surgery as there are in favor of it. And of course, there are risks. So, any discussion with a plastic surgeon should always include consideration of any existing health conditions you might have, your lifestyle, pros and cons of surgery, risks and complications and your expectations concerning the outcome of the surgery.

    2. The Right Age to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

    The Right Age to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

    Right age for cosmetic surgery depends on the type of procedure and the individual’s indications for surgery. Cosmetic Surgery is certainly NOT for everyone. I strongly believe that no person under the age of 18 should undergo cosmetic surgery, as they may have not yet reached their physical and emotional maturity and may not know their expectations and reasons for wanting surgery. Many times, I even advise my 18 year old patients to wait until the age of 20 or 21 before considering any cosmetic surgery.

    However, sometimes, surgery at young age can be necessary if it is medically indicated or it is to improve the quality of life for a child or an adolescent, by correcting a defect or an abnormality. In my practice, Otoplasty (ear reshaping) is the only cosmetic surgery procedure, that I consider appropriate for children and teenagers. And this is to prevent them from being bullied and teased at school due to their protruding ears.

    3. Aftercare can be as Important as the Surgery Itself

    Aftercare can be as Important as the Surgery Itself

    I believe many times the post-surgical care is as important as the actual surgery. When planning for a cosmetic surgery procedure, most people spend their energy thinking about the surgery itself and how soon they can return to work or resume normal life and the days and weeks immediately following surgery, are typically an afterthought. But proper aftercare is a critical part of the overall process, and taking the right precautions and following your plastic surgeon’s guidance and post-op instructions can make a world of difference in your recovery and even results.

    Routine follow up appointments are not optional, and should be attended as scheduled. It is during these appointments that the healing process is evaluated, and sometimes possible complications can be prevented by taking necessary measures at these appointments.

    4. The Risks Involved with Cosmetic Surgery

    The Risks Involved with Cosmetic Surgery

    Cosmetic surgery is not risk-free and carries the same general risks and complications as other types of surgery, including wound infection, bleeding, thrombosis, healing issues and scarring, but these are rarely life-threatening or long-term. As long as the patient has the right indications for surgery and it is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, at a well-equipped hospital, there should not be any additional risks and complications associated with cosmetic surgery, other than what are commonly associated with any type of surgery.

    But unfortunately, some people perceive cosmetic surgery as a minor procedure and instead of opting for the safer option they choose to go with whoever offers a cheaper price, overlooking the implications involved.

    In my practice, I have a thorough consultation with my patients, during which we discuss their concerns, go through their medical history to check for any contraindications to surgery, and following an examination, I discuss the treatment option most suited for them. I also discuss all aspects of the procedure including possible risks and complications with them at length, in addition to verbal communication, they also receive detailed written information about their desired procedure.

    I also encourage all my patients to come and see me for a 2nd consultation before deciding to proceed with surgery, this is to ensure that they are aware and understand all the implications involved with surgery and to enable them to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

    5. Don’t Base Your Decision on Price

    Don’t Base Your Decision on Price

    Nowadays the price range for cosmetic surgery varies significantly between providers. Although in today’s financial climate, the cost involved may be a determining factor for some individuals, I strongly believe that people should base their decision on the Qualification, Skill and Experience of the Plastic Surgeon, the hospital where the surgery is carried out, and the type of care provided before, during and after the procedure, rather than the cost of the procedure. In the long run, they will benefit more from taking this route.

    After all, Cosmetic surgery is still surgery and should not be taken lightly.

    “I believe the ultimate goal with any Cosmetic Surgery is to create proportion and I am happy to see that the trend in Cosmetic Surgery is towards a more natural look. None of my patients want to look ‘done’. None of them do. They’re in fact, often pleasantly surprised that their friends and family just think they look better but can’t figure out why!

    My Team and I understand that everyone that walks through our doors are unique – with different anatomies, lifestyles, goals and personal circumstances. We also believe that truly successful results are achieved, not only with technical excellence, but with outcomes that best fit the patient’s individual needs and desires. Having treatment with us is a consultative process – we want to understand what it is the patient wants to achieve and guide her towards the best and most effective way of achieving it.

    It is paramount that you take your time when researching surgeons, one of the most important considerations a patient should have, is choosing a surgeon who is skilled, honest, and who will discuss all aspects of the procedure in detail and who provides realistic expectations of the outcome. Open, two-way communication, is the key to achieving this. As a doctor, It’s important to take the time to fully understand patients’ expectations and goals with the surgery. I believe honest advice and open communication is critical in a patient’s decision-making process regarding a procedure.”

    Dr Allen Rezai

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